How to Use an Executive Virtual Assistant to Help Your Business

An executive virtual assistant (EVA) is a qualified independent contractor that provides administrative support to Clients, while working from the client’s office. They tend to work from their own virtual office and are remote enough to access the required scheduling documents, including shared calendars. The primary benefit of hiring an executive virtual assistant (EVA) is to save the time, expense and risk associated with having to hire and train a new employee. When the business is growing, it may be possible to hire additional staff, but this may not always be possible, especially if the firm is expanding its business territory. The executive virtual assistant would provide administrative support from a remote office, allowing the company to continue to run the day to day operations normally carried out in the office onsite.

One of the main reasons why businesses use an executive virtual assistant (EVA), instead of hiring and training new employees, is that executive VA’s can usually work under a tight budget. A Virtual Assistant, depending on the size of the business, could cover a huge number of clients, ensuring a consistent level of service to all clients. Using a Virtual Assistant could save up to 60% of the cost of employing a full time employee.

There are many benefits of hiring executive virtual assistants. Most executive assistants, due to the nature of their job duties, provide excellent administrative support. They are highly skilled when it comes to telephone conversation, faxing, emailing, appointment setting and general correspondence. The main aim of a Virtual Assistant is to ensure your administrative support is provided in a professional manner. This level of support is unique to the industry and is rarely provided by other administrative support professionals.

As a business grows and adds more tasks to the workload, executive virtual assistants are used to providing assistance with these additional tasks. Many virtual assistants are able to take on tasks that other staff members may not be able to complete. For example, some virtual assistants can take on marketing tasks that others employees may find difficult to complete themselves. In addition, some executive virtual assistants can also take on other administrative support tasks that can make the day-to-day workload easier for the company. This helps to keep the employees more focused on the larger goals of the company.

As an executive virtual assistant, you will be working closely with a client. You will need to build a good relationship with your clients, and the most important thing is that you must build trust. A good faith relationship means that both parties are being honest about their responsibilities and limitations, and there is no impeding between the two parties in accomplishing their tasks. If the trust is broken, then the work can be slowed down considerably, and the relationship between the client and virtual assistant will suffer.

Another task that an executive virtual assistant performs is the tasks associated with email management. Without an efficient system in place for email communications, any outgoing communication can become problematic. For example, if the client has many tasks that need to be completed through the use of email, then it becomes necessary for the executive to outsource these tasks to a dedicated team. Outsourcing providers offer a host of solutions, including email management solutions. This way, all of the tasks associated with running an online business can be delegated to a dedicated team with the use of an email management platform.

One of the main benefits to hiring an executive virtual assistant (or any in-house employee) is the cost savings associated with outsourcing certain business tasks. However, when you hire an independent contractor you have to bear in mind the costs associated with training them to perform tasks. This cost can prove costly in itself. However, training an independent contractor can also take time, which you may not have at the moment. Therefore, it may be sensible to outsource these tasks to a third party.

Executive virtual assistants are also capable of performing administrative tasks such as managing contacts, sending out work emails, updating work calendars, etc. Depending on the size of your business and the requirements of your employees, a remote executive assistant can handle all of the administrative tasks associated with your business. You can hire executive virtual assistants either through an agency or by approaching a specific company. Executive virtual assistants can prove extremely useful to your business if you outsource certain business tasks that you cannot manage on your own.

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