A Nearly Two Decades Old Solution to a Common Problem

The Virtual Assistant industry has moved on from the early days when answering the phones meant operating a virtual assistant. Virtual assistants now do much more than just take phone calls. In fact, in many ways, they have become the face of an organization as they seek to bridge the gap between the provider and the client. But as services such as virtual call center became more commonplace, businesses found that the position had become one of a leader rather than the follower. The Virtual Assistant industry is Smarter Solution Yet, according to The Virtual Assistant Industry Association s nearly two decades of delivering effective, cost-effective solutions, the Neutrino creation of V PERSON provides the perfect combination of industry experience, creative leadership and scalable self-help tools.

V PERSON is an intuitive web based artificial intelligence (AI) chat bot developed specifically to help businesses interact with their customers. V PERSON uses both knowledge and creative insight to develop personalized customer experiences across all communication channels. V PERSON is a new cross-platform chat bot that helps businesses connect with customers on all levels from chat, surveys to phone calls. As one might expect, as this chat bot became a world leader in customer interaction, it also became something that all people wanted to have. This became part of a new trend in the virtual services marketplace. A “virtual assistant without a face.”

The Neutrino vision for this new application is one of a technologically advanced artificially intelligent chat bot with a true creative mindset. The Neutrino chat bot not only understands human language but also operates autonomously in response to specific commands or circumstances. When V PERSON was first introduced into the market by Neutrino Communications, this innovative capability of a true creative virtual agent was one that excited the hearts and minds of the largest providers of virtual services. V PERSON provides businesses with a unique customer experience through both the delivery of personalized service and a comprehensive marketing platform with an intuitive interface.

This creative virtual personal assistant is different from traditional sales and support teams. Traditional customer support teams are built around a single person who does callbacks, screens passes emails, and responds to customer inquiries. V PERSON is a multi-talented service that is capable of doing many different things to enhance your business. This includes helping you gain more visibility on search engines and deliver customized marketing messages based on a customer’s profile. It also includes providing useful information about your company, such as your history and mission statement.

These types of services are becoming increasingly popular thanks to the rise of online social networks and artificially intelligent software programs. According to Neutrino Communications’ President and CEO, Rich Horton there is a significant need for businesses to take advantage of their available tools in order to ensure that the interactions with their customers are as fulfilling as possible. The use of V PERSON is the bridge between traditional customer support services and the latest creative virtual assistant technology.

With V PERSON, businesses can take their relationship with their customers to a new level. Many companies have been hesitant to embrace the idea of using virtual assistants because of the perception that these types of agents do not provide sufficient knowledge management skills to be successful. However, with knowledge management systems such as Live Chat and artificial intelligence, businesses can improve their live chat sessions and increase their understanding of what their agents are trying to accomplish for them. This will ultimately increase productivity, minimize customer dissatisfaction, and give their agents the tools they need to be successful.

As technology continues to advance and grow at such a rapid pace, many businesses are eager to find new ways to improve customer service through the use of innovative technologies, creative virtual agents, and other innovative processes and products. Rich Horton believes that providing Live Chat services is a key step in taking advantage of this technology. “When a customer isn’t satisfied with the service that they receive, it’s usually because of a lack of communication and information on their end. Today, it is very important to be able to communicate with our clients on an intimate level, almost like being in person, and with a personal touch. I believe that if we can achieve this goal, Live Chat bot services could play a very important role in improving customer satisfaction.”

In the past, Live Chat applications and technologies were limited to text messaging, voice chat, and video chat. Although it was difficult for a business to effectively use a text-based system to interact with their clients, it was much easier to simply send a photo or video message to contact center representatives. However, as technology and creativity continues to advance and grow, these applications will become more mainstream and useful for most virtual agents. Virtual contact centers will once again play a significant role in providing an effective and positive service experience to their clients, allowing them to enjoy nearly two decades of success and a steady stream of new customers.

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