Former Nissan chairman Carlos Ghosn charged with breach of trust in Japan

Former Nissan chairman Carlos Ghosn charged with breach of trust in Japan

Ghosn is facing a litany of accusations - all of which he denies.

According to the Securities and Exchange Surveillance Commission, both Ghost and Nissan are alleged to have under-reported Ghosn's pay package in the company's securities reports presented to Japanese regulators. Ghosn has been detained since his arrest previous year.

Ghosn denies any wrongdoing and argued Tuesday in a dramatic first court appearance that he had been "wrongly accused and unfairly detained".

Ghosn's lawyers have filed a bail application but acknowledged that his detention would most likely continue until trial.

A request filed the same day by his lawyers to end his detention was rejected.

This week he suffered a fever that prompted prosecutors to suspend their interrogations, though his lawyer said Friday his temperature had gone back down. Prosecutors may come up with new allegations or charge him.

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But afterwards Ghosn's lawyer said it would be "very difficult" to win bail and it could be months before his case is heard.

Ghosn's lawyers are now able to meet him.

Ghosn said he was "wrongly accused and unfairly detained based on meritless and unsubstantiated accusations" during a court proceeding earlier this week, the auto executive's first public appearance since his November arrest.

"We have judged that we can secure a guilty" verdict against Ghosn, said Shin Kukimoto, deputy head at the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office.

"In all of my efforts on behalf of the company, I have acted honourably, legally and with the knowledge and approval of the appropriate executives inside the company".

The charges add to an earlier charge of under-reporting his income by around half over the five years through March 2015.

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The boards of the two companies met Thursday for an update on the investigations, and Nissan later said in a statement that it remains committed to the alliance.

Ghosn; Greg Kelly, another Nissan executive; and Nissan as a legal entity also were charged Friday with additional underreporting of income, from 2015 through mid-2018.

The Yomiuri Shimbun said US$100 million was paid to sales agents in five Middle Eastern countries from Ghosn's special "CEO reserve".

His wife Carole Ghosn said she had received no information about his health and "pleaded" with Japanese authorities for news. "We are fearful and very anxious his recovery will be complicated while he continues to endure such harsh conditions and unfair treatment", she said.

Visits and questioning of the once high-flying industry titan were postponed after Ghosn developed a fever on Wednesday evening.

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