The Punisher season 2 trailer promises even bloodier retribution

The Punisher season 2 trailer promises even bloodier retribution

Billy has selective amnesia, and remembers being best friends with Frank, but not why Frank now wants to kill him, which is just boring and never really pays off in the way you want it to.

This should be booming music to the ears of anybody who found the first teaser for the upcoming second season of Marvel's The Punisher to be a little lacklustre, as a new full trailer is packed full of some intense action.

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The Punisher arrives on January 18. Are you excited for Season 2 of The Punisher? Plus, good on Netflix for that surprising Alice in Chains choice. She will likely factor into the story of the series' sophomore season. Like last season, Homeland Security Agent Dinah Madani (Amber Rose Revah) and Castle's former squadmate Curtis Hoyle (Jason R. Moore) play prominent roles, and some other characters from the all-but-dead Defenders universe even crop up, which was clearly planned before the whole thing got cancelled.

"If the first season of The Punisher was a meditation on the cost of violence, The Punisher Season 2 is mostly about the violence itself - and oh, what mighty violence there is to behold". Try as he might to stay away from the life, Castle is a living, street-level lead character on an MCU series-which means he's destined to forever meet innocent people on the run from the Russian mob and kick himself in the ass for caring. Maybe it still will-who knows!

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The future, then, is uncertain, but there are still a couple of rays of light in the universe in the form of the third season of Jessica Jones (which will hit later this year) and the second season of The Punisher which drops on Friday 18th January.

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