Frustration over hunt ban: Japan will apparently start commercial whale

Frustration over hunt ban: Japan will apparently start commercial whale

The Japanese government has made a decision to withdraw from the International Whaling Commission in a bid to resume commercial whaling.

But within the International Whaling Commission there is a prohibition on commercial whaling and so the country is looking at how it can get out of regulations imposed by IWC.

"We're going to continue to press the global community to bring an end to the unjustified persecution of whales for commercial profit wherever it occurs", she said.

Japanese media are reporting Tokyo has chose to withdraw from the International Whaling Commission ((IWC)) to resume commercial whaling - just three months after anti-whaling nations, including Australia, voted down a Japanese push to end the ban.

Tokyo now observes the moratorium but exploits a loophole to kill hundreds of whales every year for "scientific purposes" as well as to sell the meat through hunting whales in the Southern Ocean since 1987.

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A number of coastal communities in Japan have hunted whales for centuries, but consumption surged after World War Two when whales were the main source of meat.

If withdrawing, Japan has to notify IWC by January 1, according to Kyodo News.

Japanese whaling officials said the whaling organisation is supposed to pursue sustainability but has become an anti-whaling body.

In order to leave the IWC next year, Japan needs to notify the commission by January 1.

Japan needs to notify the IWC by January 1 if it wished to leave.

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Agence France-Presse quoted an official as saying the agency was "considering all options", including the possible withdrawal from the 89-member commission. They criticize what they call the whaling commission's lack of tolerance of diverse views on whaling and its inability to resolve the long divide between conservationists and supporters of whale use.

In 1987, Japan shifted to what it described as "research whaling".

A Japanese whaling fleets leaves the city of Ishinomaki in April 2014 as a Japan Coast Guard vessel provides security.

2015 - Japan resumes research whaling in the Antarctic by reducing the number of whales it hunts. A situation described by a government source as "the IWC being unable to decide anything on resource management" has been continuing, even causing doubt over the IWC's significance as an worldwide organization.

Except for Japan, Norway and Iceland catch whales - both Nations fish in the North Atlantic and do not see the IWC rules-bound.

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