Geminid Meteor Shower 2018: What, when and where to watch in India?

Geminid Meteor Shower 2018: What, when and where to watch in India?

In 2017, some celestial observers counted as many as 160 meteors in an hour during the Geminid meteor shower, according to AccuWeather. By 2 a.m. on Friday the constellation Gemini will be nearly directly overhead and predictions are for as many as 60-120 meteors per hour! Moving at about 79,000 miles per hour, the Geminids can look as bright as planet Venus, according to USA Today. Though the meteors will seem to radiate from the constellation Gemini, you don't have to concentrate on a particular area of the sky.

According to meteorologists at Accuweather, due to its high activity the meteor shower can be viewed anytime after sunset with the best viewing time in Europe expected to be just after midnight. Light from the moon makes it harder to see some fainter meteors, so it's best to wait until it sets to head outside.

In the United Kingdom, the best time to see them will be between midnight and dawn on 14 December, but you can start looking any time after sunset. It also says that people in suburbs or the countryside are likely to spot more meteors than stargazers in cities because of light pollution. If you're able to lie flat on your back, you should be able to see about one shooting star per minute.

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Viewers hoping to catch a glimpse of the Christmas comet and the meteor shower are being advised by the Met Office to go to an open place away from street lights.

The Northern hemisphere is more favourable to watch this meteor shower and hence India is suited in terms of geography to observe this cosmic event. In just 3 hours, the photographer captured more than 100 bright meteors. Scientists have debated the very nature of what Phaethon is.

A similar object, called 2005 UD that shares a lot of similarities with Phaethon leads some to believe the two objects were once part of a larger rock that split apart or was broken after colliding with another asteroid.

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Sure, we mean the holidays, but also the spectacular astronomical event known as the Geminid Meteor Shower. Phaeton is considered to be either a near-Earth asteroid or an extinct comet.

"[He] caught what appears to be a meteor entering our atmosphere on his dash camera near 600 E. on SR22", the sheriff's department posted on Facebook Thursday night, along with a 20-second clip. These meteor showers occur in December each year when our planet passes through the tail of the debris from 3200 Phaethon.

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