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PETA urges people to stop using ‘anti-animal language’

PETA urges people to stop using ‘anti-animal language’

"And as our understanding of social justice evolves, our language evolves along with it".

Don't mind our animal-friendly language but PETA suddenly tweeted yesterday (Dec 4) a list of English phrases that they consider to be discriminatory towards animals.

On Tuesday, the animal rights activist group shared a photo diagram of such suggestions.

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People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, better known as PETA, is facing some backlash after the organization took to Twitter to call for the end of "speciesism" on our everyday conversations. PETA suggests replacing "be the guinea pig" with "be the test tube".

They are urging people, for example, to use phrases like "bringing home the bagels" instead of 'bringing home the bacon'.

Rather than using the phrase "kill two birds with one stone", their alternative is "feed two birds with one scone".

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For instance, rather than saying, "bring home the bacon", PETA suggested saying, "bring home the bagels". Or instead of "beat a dead horse", try "feed a fed horse". In place of taking "the bull by the horns", how about taking "the flower by the thorns?"

Other Twitter users ridiculed PETA's reworked phrases.

Instead of: "Kill two birds with one stone".

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PETA responded to the criticism Wednesday, asking the "haters" to "lighten up" and for more suggestions on anti-speciesist language.