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Amazon brings AWS hardware and services direct to the data centre

Amazon brings AWS hardware and services direct to the data centre

Two years back, AWS struck a partnership VMware, and ever since the companies have tried to find ways to make this partnership more valuable to their customers.

And they want all of this without sacrificing the speed and agility of AWS. AWS on its website commented on its managed blockchain service informing on how it will operate.

Amazon is diving deeper into healthcare with the launch of Amazon Comprehend Medical, a machine-learning service created to help providers and other healthcare stakeholders extract information from unstructured data in electronic health records (EHRs).

The new service will come with VMWare-designed software which effectively mixes two technologies now favored by enterprise, but not necessarily deployed in their entireties- cloud and virtualization.

Customers can run automated, continuous configuration and compliance checks based on industry standards and best practices, such as the Center for Internet Security (CIS) AWS Foundations Benchmark, identifying specific accounts and resources that require attention.

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) launched this week its Amazon Comprehend Medical machine learning service that enables healthcare professionals and developers to mine unstructured medical text and patient data, such as diagnosis, treatments, dosages, symptoms, and other signs of disease. The company said that the technique could be used in industrial scenarios, such as optimizing wind turbine operations under changing weather or power demands, or prioritizing the arrivals of container ships at seaports.

AWS also showcased the increasingly influential role of AI in traditional vehicle races during the conference.

Amazon is already putting its machine learning skills to the test in conjunction with Seattle's Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.

AWS also unveiled a breakthrough in building its own computer chip to handle certain AI processing jobs, which marks an attempt from Amazon to rely less on chip giant Intel. In case of a permissioned network, it secures and manages blockchain network certificates with AWS Key Management Service, eliminating the need for customers to set up their own secure key storage.

AWS Lake Formation removes much of this heavy lifting, allowing customers to build a data lake in a matter of days.

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"Instead of building your own ground station or entering in to a long-term contract, you can make use of AWS Ground Station on an as-needed, pay-as-you-go basis".

Thirteen new machine learning capabilities and services across all layers in the machine learning stack are now available to developers.

What do you think of Amazon's new blockchain-oriented products? Users can train reinforcement learning models in an online simulator and then test-drive them on DeepRacer.

AWS Lake Formation also provides a centralised, customisable catalogue which describes available data sets and their appropriate business use.

The service also features an integrated development environment, a fully managed simulation service with pre-built virtual 3D worlds such as indoor rooms, retail stores, and race tracks so users can download, modify, and use these worlds in their simulations.

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