Double success for SpaceX and Es'hail-2

Double success for SpaceX and Es'hail-2

We will remind, in October, with the help of the Falcon 9 rocket into orbit was launched the Argentine reconnaissance satellite SAOCOM-1A. In an increasingly routine feat, the booster's first stage fell away and flew itself back to a pinpoint touchdown on an off-shore drone ship, the company's 31st successful recovery.

Falcon 9's first stage for the Es'hail-2 mission previously supported the Telstar 19 VANTAGE mission in July 2018.

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Es'hail-2 also carries two amateur-radio transponders that will facilitate conventional analog ham radio as well as experimental digital communications, including amateur television.

The launch will go into orbit at 22,000 miles, and will be the first satellite at that altitude to connect radio communications from Brazil to India. SpaceX noted that it may be used for the third flight. Both Es'hail satellites are operated by Qatar's state-owned Es'hailSat telecom venture. After a near-bankruptcy and a string of failures, Musk's company relied on funding from NASA to build Falcon 9. The Es'hail 2 will be situated 26 degrees east longitude over the equator. Es'hail 2 features high-speed Ku- and Ka-band communications services. In keeping with SpaceX's reusability plan, the first stage had been flown before. The rocket fired up three of its engines to slow down for entry into the thick lower atmosphere, using titanium "grid fins" at the top of the rocket for steering and attitude control. During the booster's final moments of its return, the engined reignited to, allowing the four legs of the booster to be deployed at the base of the rocket. The launch took place on 15 November with the Space center of a name Kennedy in Florida.

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The Falcon 9 is SpaceX's reusable workhorse rocket; this was the company's 18th mission in 2018, tying its total from a year ago. The rocket experienced some serious problems along the way, but the company's number of successful launches has nearly made them boring over the past few years.

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