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World’s First Artificial Intelligence News Anchor Debuts in China

World’s First Artificial Intelligence News Anchor Debuts in China

Xinhua, China's state news agency, has just revealed new additions to its team: digitally reconstructed television news anchors powered by artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

The Chinese agency also introduced the Anglosphere to an an English-speaking AI, based on another presenter, who said: "The development of the media industry calls for continuous innovation and deep integration with the global advanced technologies ..."

According to reports from South China Morning Post and Xinhua, the news anchors will reduce the cost of daily TV news report, thanks to its ability to work 24 hours a day. This is my very first day in Xinhua News Agency, ' says the presenter in an introductory video. "They will work with other anchors to bring you authoritative, timely and accurate news information in both Chinese and English", Xinhua said.

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The Guardian reported that Chinese viewers, who had tuned in for the announcement, were greeted by a digitised version of a regular Xinhua news anchor named Qiu Hao.

"He" has the voice and facial expressions of a man and can imitate a real person.

The anchor's machine learning programme is able to synthesise realistic-looking speech, lip movements and facial expressions, Xinhua said, to deliver news with "the same effect" as a human.

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"It's quite hard to watch for more than a few minutes". By 2030, China's government has stated it wants to have established China as the world's dominant force in artificial intelligence. In this program, he takes you to have a look at what a Panama official and the Chinese businessman Jack Ma say about the ongoing #CIIE.

The Oxford computer-science professor Michael Wooldridge told the BBC that the anchor fell into the "uncanny valley", in which avatars or objects that closely but do not fully resemble humans make observers more uncomfortable than ones that are more obviously artificial.

"The problem is that it could be very boring".

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