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Protesters In Bay Area, Nationwide Seek To Protect Russia Investigation

Protesters In Bay Area, Nationwide Seek To Protect Russia Investigation

Whitaker, speaking on CNN in 2017, said he had respect for Mueller and then went on to say he would be surprised if the special counsel had any concerns about the termination of Sessions and its effect on the investigation. Many of these steps may be largely invisible to the public and even lawmakers.

Activists across the Bay Area this evening are protesting President Donald Trump's replacement of his attorney general after embattled former Attorney General Jeff Sessions resigned on Wednesday.

Ronald White agreed, saying, "Whitaker has a conflict of interest and he must recuse".

A former US attorney and conservative commentator, Whitaker previous year wrote an opinion piece for CNN arguing that Mueller would be going too far if he investigated the Trump family's finances.

Whitaker also could take more subtle approaches to slowing Mueller's work. One associate, Jerome Corsi, said in a video recording Monday that he's "been involved in a really constant basis" for two months with Mueller's investigation. Further, Trump argued that Whitaker was originally Senate-confirmed as a USA attorney under the Bush administration over a decade ago.

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The president rejects calls for the acting attorney general to recuse himself from overseeing the Russian Federation probe over comments he made in 2017 about the Mueller investigation.

Trump also pushed back at complaints from Democrats and conservative legal scholars that it is illegal and unconstitutional for Whitaker to serve as the nation's top law enforcement officer since he was not confirmed by the Senate to any Justice Department post.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller (2nd L) leaves after a closed meeting with members of the Senate Judiciary Committee June 21, 2017 at the Capitol in Washington, DC. In many instances, that office does not require a Justice Department official to recuse, but suggests a course of action.

Protesters listen to Attorney Shelly McBride speak November 8 outside the Monroe County Courthouse during a protest against the firing of Attorney General Jeff Sessions. The investigation, led by special counsel Robert Mueller, has already netted multiple indictments and guilty pleas.

Cramer said "the president has put in place someone who has espoused a view that protects the president".

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The decree followed a lengthy investigation by the Justice Department during the Obama administration that concluded Baltimore Police were routinely violating people's constitutional rights. Under Justice Department rules, Whitaker is the only official who will be given the report.

"Americans have to keep doing this until it changes", said Lynch.

But Tuesday's victory by Democrats in capturing the House has consequences here.

"This is not a Republican or a Democratic issue".

Overseeing it all is Whitaker, a former college football player and United States attorney from Iowa who was brought into the Justice Department a year ago to serve as Sessions' chief of staff.

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Briefing the president on sensitive investigative details in an ongoing investigation would be highly unusual and could be a risky move for Whitaker, as revealing grand jury proceedings can be illegal. I'm concerned Rod Rosenstein will no longer be overseeing the probe.