Blizzard announces Warcraft 3: Reforged remaster at BlizzCon 2018

Blizzard announces Warcraft 3: Reforged remaster at BlizzCon 2018

Despite this backlash from the fans, Diablo Immortal promises to be a very solid mobile game.

The fan who asked the question later posted on Reddit as user Dontinquire (h/t Eurogamer), saying he felt "terrible" for Diablo principle designer Wyatt Cheng, who had to field the comment on stage. There was, however, the most energy-sucking announcement of them all; a mobile partnership between Blizzard Entertainment and Netease to create a "mobile massively multiplayer online action-role-playing game" for Android and iOS called Diablo Immortal. Existing custom maps will be playable in Reforged, and players will be able to use the new matchmaker to find partners or opponents for traditional melee and custom games.

Blizzard says Immortal is set between the events of Diablo II and Diablo III and follows the villainous Skarn, Herald of Terror, as he travels across the land to gather Worldstone shards and resurrect demon lord Diablo. Blizzard has said many Diablo games were in the works but they would not be ready to announce all of them for BlizzCon. If you want an idea of how fans of the franchise are taking this just go and check out the ratio of likes to dislikes on the gameplay trailer and the announcement trailer. With Diablo Immortal, players have access to half a dozen character classes and a "constantly evolving experience".

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"Diablo" is coming to mobile, Wyatt Cheng, principle designer announced at BlizzCon 2018 on Friday.

Diablo Immortal does not have a release date.

Blizzard has a new MMORPG for mobile devices coming...

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Interested parties can pre-register for special rewards and be among the first to play Diablo Immortal. We can't wait to try out the new content and games that were revealed this year - particularly Overwatch's Ashe, who needs to get here ASAP. Just as he's about be killed, he's saved by another of Diablo III's classes, the Wizard.

And Blizzard stresses that this is a traditional "fully-fledged" Diablo experience, complete with six traditional classes, challenging boss fights and deep gameplay.

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