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Kavanaugh seeks new tone after Supreme Court fight; Trump apologizes for process

Kavanaugh seeks new tone after Supreme Court fight; Trump apologizes for process

The rally, organized by Women's March Chicago, was created to spotlight the power and determination of women voters ahead of the crucial November 6 midterm elections, which will determine control of the US Congress.

President Trump's first midterm election seemed to be heading that way, as Democrats won special elections in deeply conservative places such as Alabama and southwest Pennsylvania and had a strong showing in Virginia's statewide elections last November. Trump was depicted as "El Diablo" on a high-flying flag.

"Vote, your life depends on it!", "Every vote, every election, every account", proclaimed placards brandished by demonstrators.

Asked whether it would make them more or less likely to vote for a Senate candidate who supported confirming Kavanaugh, 36 percent of voters say it would make them less likely - more than the 31 percent who would be more likely to vote for a Kavanaugh-supporting Senate candidate.

The protests came as early voting was under way in IL and more than a dozen other states with more to follow.

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Hillary Clinton appeared in a video message played on a giant screen, encouraging people to register to vote.

The participants in the walk for the women of Chicago are invited to slip as early as Saturday, after beating the pavement, their ballot paper in the ballot box, to IL, to enable the voters to vote in advance for those that can't make it on the day of the election.

"Let's use this week to give us all that extra energy that we know we have to remember that the bottom line is that they may have the power right now but we need to take it back", said Senator Kamala Harris of California.

Last month, Republican leaders in the House called for Rep. Matt Manweller to resign after The Northwest News Network reported that a former Idaho high school student of Manweller's said she had a sexual relationship with him in the 1990s, when she was 17. And by calling up the judicial nominations now, McConnell will force Democrats to swallow more confirmations before their imperiled incumbents can leave Washington to campaign.[Democrats are] settling for a middle ground, with few committing to a full-on fight.Another Democratic senator said that "I think we will" take a deal on judges. One of the two cases the court is hearing then involves the detention of immigrants, an issue on which Kavanaugh's vote could be key.

Republican senate majority leader Mitch McConnell, a vocal supporter of Mr Kavanaugh during his protracted confirmation, says they have their opponents to thank. It shouldn't have been a surprise that a woman testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee with serious accusations about a Court Justice nominee would receive such venomous treatment.

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A rally ahead of the "Women's March to the Polls" started under crisp, sunny skies about 10 Grant Park near Columbus and Jackson.

Among Republicans, it has been a regular talking point, practically a piece of conventional wisdom, that confirming Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court before the midterm elections would help motivate their voters to go to the polls.

Most states allow early voting by mail-in ballot or at a limited number of polling stations, giving those unable to show up on Election Day a chance to vote.

Trump on Twitter on Tuesday said he was "very proud" of Kavanaugh and his family, and disparaged the anti-Kavanaugh protesters.

Protests in January shut down streets in dozens of American cities.

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