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Kavanaugh is confirmed. Read how politicians, pundits and the media responded

Kavanaugh is confirmed. Read how politicians, pundits and the media responded

Senators from both sides were seen making gestures of unity after the vote.

Authorities took the rare step of putting up low metal fencing around the Capitol, keeping the public some distance from the building.

Amid tighter-than-usual security, hundreds of protesters against Kavanaugh assembled on the grounds of the Capitol and at the Supreme Court.

They also fear he will argue that a sitting president can not be indicted if prosecutors investigating Mr Trump's campaign ties to Russian Federation attempt to pursue him in court.

Diane Russell, a Democratic activist, said Collins voted to "betray ME women and ME survivors" by ignoring their stories. The move did not impact the overall outcome of the vote, but it allowed for the margin to be the same as it would have been if Daines had been there to participate and prevented a situation where Daines would have to fly back Saturday to cast a vote to ensure the result.

The final vote was interrupted several times by protesters as senators sat silent at their desks for the formal roll call vote.

Earlier in the afternoon, dozens broke through barriers and climbed the Capitol steps.

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Shortly after the vote, President Donald Trump applauded the Senate for confirming his "GREAT NOMINEE".

The US Senate confirmed Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, ending a bitter battle between Republicans and Democrats during a confirmation process that has transfixed the nation following allegations of sexual misconduct against the nominee, which he has strongly denied. "Later today, I will sign his Commission of Appointment, and he will be officially sworn in".

Schumer said Kavanaugh's "partisan screed" showed not only a temperament unfitting for the high court but a lack of objectivity that should make him ineligible to serve.

"I know many voters across our state and country feel defeated and discouraged, but the fight to protect the progress we've made, and the values that embody our great state, must continue", Lamont said.

It drew the line under a bruising nomination process defined by harrowing testimony from a woman who says Kavanaugh tried to rape her when they were teenagers - and by his fiery rebuttal.

"Judge Kavanaugh is without doubt one of the most qualified people to be nominated to America's highest court".

On Saturday, President Trump predicted that Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, "will never recover" from her last-minute decision to become the only Senate Republican to oppose Kavanaugh.

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"As I said when I met Judge Kavanaugh, I am confident he will uphold the values of the Constitution to the highest standard", Roberts said.

Collins said Saturday that crowdsourced funding targeting her was tantamount to "a bribe, or extortion".

Kavanaugh's confirmation had already been all but sealed Friday, when he won the support of key Senate Republican Susan Collins and conservative Democrat Joe Manchin.

Republican Senator Deb Fischer described Kavanaugh as "one of the most thoughtful, pre-eminent judges in our nation".

Democratic Senator Edward Markey countered, saying Kavanaugh has been a "rubber stamp for a far right-wing agenda".

The dispute over Kavanaugh has added fuel to campaigning for the midterm elections in November when Democrats will try to take control of Congress from the Republicans. We heard belligerence. We heard evasiveness. "Only 32 percent of Republicans polled agreed with Murkowski". Steve Daines of Montana, who supports Kavanaugh, but will be in Montana to walk his daughter down the aisle at her wedding.

It was the closest roll call to confirm a justice since 1881, when Stanley Matthews was approved by 24-23, according to Senate records.

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