Venom is a non-super superhero

Venom is a non-super superhero

"There's a bunch of stuff that didn't make the movie".

Bringing this enigmatic and complex Marvel character - the lethal protector - to the big screen is Tom Hardy.

Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy), having fully bonded with the inky alien parasite named Venom, returns to his street-beat duties as an investigative reporter.

You control the way he swings through NY, where he goes and what tasks he chooses to complete.

The Symbiote costume bonds itself to its host, granting them superpowers like enhanced strength, speed and regenerative healing abilities. The movie also stars Michelle Williams and Riz Ahmed. Venom doing good in this movie comes down to a one-liner joke that I guess is also supposed to double as a plot twist.

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"Venom", the solo vehicle for the symbiote-based, head-chomping antihero, has more of a mid-2000s vibe.

I mean, Hardy is the literal face of this anti-hero origin story, but its failure is not his fault; that the film (and his character's journey) intermittently resembles "Teen Wolf" and "Liar Liar" (complete with Hardy channeling Carrey's manic energy) explicitly feels like the byproduct of the worst sort of committee thinking.

When director Ruben Fleischer - a Sony Pictures success story with his cult hit Zombieland - took the helm as Venom's director, the producers knew they had someone with a full grip on how Marvel's most badass character could make for a rip-roaring movie unlike any other.

This isn't a Joker situation, where we're rolling our eyes at the very idea of it (even if we still can't look away), nor is it a situation where we're enthusiastic about the potential of something different and a bit unconventional, like with Guardians of the Galaxy, Deadpool, or even the upcoming Aquaman.

JoBlo: This won't change how you view superhero movies, but it's a great escape nonetheless. "The movie "Venom" actually wants to be is the sequel". The only thing that really saves the film scene to scene is the absolutely ridiculous performance Tom Hardy gives for this apparent paragon of integrity. Together, they are capable of anything - a terrifying proposition as Venom is fueled by rage.

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Sony's Venom may not technically be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but that didn't stop it from borrowing some pages of the MCU playbook.

The game is a Spider-Man simulator that teaches you to view the physical environment around you as a space that presents a wide array of unique tactical options that you-as the game's web-slinging hero-can use to your advantage. Since that sounds an very bad lot like a red flag, IGN took to asking Hardy about the quote at the premiere for Venom last night. "Hardy is always watchable, no matter the role, but there's so much to take in here that it nearly feels like he's putting on a one-man show". And we get Venom.

Venom will be released in theaters on October 5, 2018. Hardy has the unenviable task of taking the truly unlikeable character of Eddie Brock from the Spider-Man comic book franchise and making him relatable and at least somewhat sympathetic.

Hardy said Venom has similarities to several classic monster movies.

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