Jodis Kriti, Roshmi Banik get evicted from Big Boss 12

Jodis Kriti, Roshmi Banik get evicted from Big Boss 12

As a ransom, the single contestant can ask for anything from the other jodi member, if they obliged to the request, they will be exempted from nominations and the single contestant will get nominated and if they fail to oblige then the jodi gets nominated, leading to single contestant free from nominations. Jasleen tells Sourabh that she can't let Saba become the captain. Romil and Surbhi make fun of Dipika.

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# Dipika tells Sreesanth that she can not prove herself now and adds that she has never said anything against him. He expressed his disappointment that Jasleen chose her clothes and makeup over him.

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# In the precap: Anup breaks jodi with Jasleen, as she didn't save Anup from nomination! Shocked by his statement, Jasleen walked away from the dining table saying she would talk to him later. In the garden area, a volcano will be placed that will erupt a few balls out of it. Dipika gets annoyed as Somi tries to tell Dipika that her double standard character is exposed. As a result, some of the contestants had a heated argument with her. Deepak told Srishty that she would stay on as he felt that the audience would be supportive of her and like her good side. Sreesanth jumps into the conversation and asks Deepak not to unnecessarily stretch the matter as everything is resolved between him, Dipika and Nehha. Jasleen cried her heart out while everyone tried to make Anup understand. Jasleen tried to reason that she did not have any spare clothes but Anup said he was disappointed. He also broke up their jodi and made a decision to play alone.

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Bigg Boss introduced the outhouse for the first time in the season where Roshmi and Kriti entered with their individual partners. While Srishty kept hinting that Shivashish was a loser, the latter softly sang a provocative number and all hell broke loose. Srishty will also have a dramatic fight with Deepak, who refused to move from his container of balls.