Amazon announces AmazonBasics Microwave and Echo Wall Clock

Amazon announces AmazonBasics Microwave and Echo Wall Clock

Personally, I think Google could have come up with a better design if it tried.

Now moving onto the more unfamiliar, the most interesting of which is the Echo Input: the first Echo device without a speaker.

Even Apple's own customers aren't impressed with the Homepod; according to CIRP's report, only 2% of Apple customers own a Homepod.

In addition to the highly anticipated Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL smartphones, Google will reportedly release a set of new hardware including a Google Assistant-powered Home Hub smart display device.

One of the most notable new offerings is called Fire TV Recast, a DVR companion that enables the recording and replaying of free over-the-air TV programming via Amazon's Fire TV or Echo Show devices, or Fire tablet, iOS and Android devices. The speaker will pack additional sensors, and cost $149.99. It supposedly has a more powerful sound, and bass and treble can be adjusted to suit user tastes - old school.

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The new Echo Plus. The new show eliminates that ugly speaker underneath the screen and places the speakers in the back of the device.

Now imagine that potential with a screen, and you're pretty much there. The cost is the same as the original Show at $229.99 and it is available today. You could previously use the Show to video call other users with Echo devices, so Skype will significantly broaden the range of who you can call.

Amazon also introduced a subwoofer to go along with existing Echo products as well as a pair of amplifiers that work like audio control centers for the home. Those getting it later will pay $49.99.

When you want to combine Alexa's intelligence with serious sound equipment, now you can with Echo Link ($200).

The Echo Wall Clock: Because I am insane I love this $30 wall clock. It will say, "you left the porch light on".

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This chipset includes the Alexa Connect Kit, which powers the AmazonBasics Microwave. You can also adjust the speaker's equaliser settings within the Amazon Alexa mobile app.

It's a smart plug. However, Pocket-Lint points out that this is far more expensive than most smart plugs so the listed price may be incorrect.

Available via invitation for $24.99. But the demo was of Amazon's new easy setup program that combines Amazon's Wi-Fi locker, which stores your Wi-Fi credentials, and Wi-Fi Simple Set Up.

For offline home control, this will let you control pieces of your smart home via Alexa, even if there is no established internet connection. And then later on, if they ask about a restaurant, the device will know they're still talking about Los Angeles.

The whole range is due to be launched later today in Seattle, which sends alarm bells as to whether we'll see them in the United Kingdom in time for Santa as Amazon isn't all about worldwide simultaneous launches. As a fun bonus, it also has a button that will use Amazon's Dash service to reorder popcorn. Pre-ordering starts today and it is expected to ship out starting October. Alexa, reheat my Thanksgiving leftovers!

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This new device is similar to the Echo Dot, but does not have a built-in speaker and is designed instead to connect to third-party speakers.