PlayStation Classic challenges Nintendo mini consoles with 20 PS1 games

PlayStation Classic challenges Nintendo mini consoles with 20 PS1 games

Sony's PlayStation raised the bar for home console systems when it hit shelves in 1994, selling 100 million units worldwide.

Speaking of preloaded games, we do know five of the 20 titles, including Final Fantasy VII, TEKKEN 3, R4: Ridge Racer Type 4, Jumping Flash! Roughly 45% smaller than the original PSX console, Sony has worked hard to tap into the nostalgia of owning Sony's first console, boxing it with packaging similar to the original while providing two wired controllers.

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Sony announced the console on its blog on September 18, USA time, specifying a December 3 release date - the day of the release of the original PlayStation in 1994. "All of the pre-loaded games will be playable in their original format". Sony went with "right after most of the USA has gone to bed" when revealing the PlayStation Classic last night. Arriving just before Christmas, the console's release date - 3rd December - coincides with the original console's launch 24 years ago. A complete roster of games will be announced soon, including more "fan favorites", according to the release.

Sony joins Nintendo in the market for nostalgic gamers after their wildly successful sales with NES Classic Edition, a miniature version of the old console.

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It doesn't look like fans will be able to play their existing CD titles, though, as the "Open" button atop the console is apparently meant for "changing virtual CDs", and the Classic's diminutive dimensions preclude room for silver discs.

The console will support local multiplayer games for games that support it. Players can fight against each other in Tekken 3 for instance. The bundle also comes with HDMI and USB-C cables. Its a tiny box that uses just 5W of power.

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The console will come with two original controllers minus the DualShock - which means there would be no vibration feedback or analogue sticks.