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Woman’s Eyelid Had Contact Lens Inside That She ‘Lost’ 28 Years Ago

Woman’s Eyelid Had Contact Lens Inside That She ‘Lost’ 28 Years Ago

She had the cyst surgically removed, which is when the doctors discovered something unusual, a contact lens.

Of course, the woman couldn't immediately recall how the contact lens got there or how long it had been there. On examination the doctors could feel a small pea-sized lump under the skin of her eye lid.

The contact lens that the woman assumed had been knocked out 28 years ago had actually moved upwards, lodging just above her left eye, according to a case study in the journal BMJ Case Reports.

In fact, once doctors had to remove a total of 27 soft contact lenses from the eyes of a British woman.

Doctors thought it was a cyst that had grown over a six-month period.

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Surgeons at Ninewells Hospital in Dundee were shocked to discover the lump contained an intact lens...

Initially, the 42-year-old woman could not remember how the contact lens could have remain lodged in her eye - until her mother reminded her of the badminton incident.

Since the woman had no symptoms, she figured the lens had simply fallen out and gone missing.

Contact lenses seem simple enough and so many people use them.

The worst part, you have never even worn such a contact lens in 28 years.

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RGP stands for rigid gas permeable contacts.

Nearly 30 years after the fact, the woman couldn't recall how the lens got there or how long it had been there.

Though losing one's contact inside an eyelid is a common occurrence for most contact wearers, fewer than a handful of cases have been reported of the body encapsulating a lens as a foreign object. The case was also reported in BMJ Case Reports.

Here's a suggestion from the doctors on this case: Tell your eye doctor about any past eye trauma, and if you have any swelling, ask the doc to check for wayward contacts.

However, doctors found 27 soft contact lens in the eye of another British woman previous year. She eventually went to see an eye doctor.

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