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The Globe's Editorial Push Has Gotten Under Trump's Skin

The Globe's Editorial Push Has Gotten Under Trump's Skin

Donald Trump has lashed out against hundreds of USA newspapers that published editorials on Thursday defending press freedom and denouncing his constant attacks on the media.

More than 350 news outlets heeded the Boston Globe's call to runs the editorials on Thursday to promote "press freedom in light of President Trump's frequent attacks on the media".

He assured the public he supported freedom of the press but criticized them for pushing "fake news".

"The alarming turn of the president's rhetoric - the specific labeling of the press as an "enemy of the American people" and the opposition party - does cause us concern about media outlets and the stories we have heard around the country".

"Unable to carry on in the light, the president attempts to drag us all into a dark labyrinth where rules don't apply and some vacant concept of winning seems attainable", said the Record-Journal in Meriden, Connecticut.

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"There is nothing that I would want more for our Country than true FREEDOM OF THE PRESS", he tweeted.

The push was organized by the Boston Globe and the Guardian added its voice to the mass press protest.

"For more than two centuries, this foundational American principle has protected journalists at home and served as a model for free nations overseas".

That action provoked a response from Trump, who responded in a series of Thursday morning tweets.

The Boston Globe was forced to bring in uniformed police officers to its headquarters after the newspaper received multiple threats shortly after President Donald Trump attacked it on Twitter.

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"Our editorial page will continue to speak out against this president's war on the free press", editorial page editor John Diaz wrote.

"We rely on reporters and newscasters to keep our leaders honest, accountable, and always working in the best interest of the American people".

"Trump's references to us as the "enemy of the American People" are no less unsafe because they happen to be strategic", the Kansas City Star wrote.

The Senate has unanimously approved a resolution affirming that "the press is not the enemy of the people".

Others, including Politico's media critic, Jack Shafer, criticised the coordinated effort by the USA newspapers, saying the editorials are playing "right into Trump's hand".

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"It will provide Trump with the circumstantial evidence of the existence of a national press cabal that has been convened exclusively to opposes him", he said.