State Of Emergency Declared In Red Tide-Devastated Areas Of Florida

State Of Emergency Declared In Red Tide-Devastated Areas Of Florida

Two hours south of Tampa in Lee County, where red tide signs have been posted at more than 170 beach access points, the state will allocate additional funds for cleaning the beaches. "I don't think you're going to see much of an end to this until we get into the dry season".

Rick Scott declared a state of emergency Wednesday for seven counties in southwest Florida over an unusually severe red tide outbreak.

The area is no stranger to red tide events.

Both are algae and both are in bloom this summer, but a different microorganism is to blame for each. But this year, Scott says the bloom has been devastating.

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Where is each one found? "Red tide relies on a variety of different factors, kind of like a flawless storm". Right: Satellite image of Lake Okeechobee taken July 15, courtesy of NASA Earth Observatory.

There's a new study into the resilience of Lake Okeechobee's toxic algae as it flows from the fresh water lake into the brackish estuaries.

Florida has a spreading algae problem - and it has turned some counties into hazard zones.

Direction for VISIT FLORIDA to begin developing a marketing campaign to assist Southwest Florida communities that will start following this year's red tide blooms. They just wrote back. Red tides are a naturally occurring phenomenon Red tide is the common name for an algal bloom caused by species of dinoflagellates and other organisms.

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Are the health effects the same?

Florida's 10-month-long red tide outbreak has recently intensified, killing thousands of pounds of fish, as well as wildlife including dolphins, sea turtles and a whale shark, NPR reports. That's because when K. brevis dies, it releases a toxin that affects the central nervous system of any creature that consumes it, particularly fish, eventually causing death. The FWC recommends that swimmers rinse with fresh water if they experience irritation. People with chronic respiratory issues should avoid red tides.

How do we stop these blooms? Scientists are still trying to figure this out.

Controlling a Red tide is especially hard, the Conservation Commission explains, because any controls must kill the red tide organism and eliminate the toxins the organism releases when it dies. So far, no solution has been reached, with FWC officials pointing out that man-made factors don't play a role in these blooms. Once it's near land, it intensifies because of pollution from septic tanks, sewage leaks and fertilizer from farms and suburban lawns. In turn, the nitrogen and phosphorus from those pollutants encourage cyanobacteria growth.

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Unfortunately, it seems unlikely that the red tide will let up any time soon. On Sunday, people stood together, to stand for their waters.