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Iran's supreme leader bans 'any talks' after Trump offer

Iran's supreme leader bans 'any talks' after Trump offer

"America's withdrawal from the nuclear deal is a clear proof America can not be trusted".

The Leader added as Imam Khomeini "banned talks with the USA and I also ban it".

That's proof it can't be trusted, said Ayatollah Ali Khamenei - addressing a gathering of thousands - and that it [the U.S.] never remained loyal to the promises it made. They also ban purchases of United States dollars by Iran and sanction its automotive sector.

In May, the United States pulled out of a 2015 deal between world powers and Tehran under which worldwide sanctions on Iran were lifted in return for curbs on its nuclear program.

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The comments come after recent suggestions that President Trump was open to talking with Iran "without preconditions", though at the time it was said to be an offer to talk with Iran's President Rouhani.

But though he ruled out talks, Khamenei also ruled out the possibility of war with the United States. There will be no war. "Even if we were to negotiate with the USA, we would never hold talks with the current USA administration".

"Sixty seven suspects have been arrested, some of whom were released on bail, and more than 100 people including government employees and officials, as well as private employees and others have been given travel bans", judiciary spokesman Gholamhossein Mohseni Ejei said in remarks carried by state television on August 12.

"More than the sanctions, economic mismanagement [by the government] is putting pressure on ordinary Iranians..." "I do not call it betrayal but a huge mistake in management". "With better management and more efficient planning, we can resist the sanctions and overcome them", he added, in an apparent effort to deflect public anger over the economy towards Mr Rouhani.

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"America's withdrawal from the nuclear deal is a clear proof that America can not be trusted".

Khamenei referred specifically to the collapse in the currency, which has seen half its value wiped since early April.

Protests in cities and towns across Iran have often begun with slogans against the high cost of living, high prices and a lack of jobs, but have then quickly turned into anti-government rallies. He says Iran must change the way it operates, including its activities in Syria and Yemen.

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