New Trailer Arrives For Red Dead Redemption 2

New Trailer Arrives For Red Dead Redemption 2

Much to the disappointment of gamers, the original release date was pushed back and it is now due for release in the United Kingdom on October 26, which, fortunately, doesn't seem too far away now. A narrator goes over everything throughout the video, explaining important information about what people are seeing. There are natural environments, like mountains and dense forests, as well as more modern cities.

In RDR2, protagonist and outlaw Arthur Morgan is far less limited. In Red Dead Redemption 2, your interactions with people matter.

Unveiling of provincial buck a beer scheme expected today
The program will see the government-set minimum price of beer drop from $1.25 to $1.00 before tax and deposit. While that sounds insanely cheap, note that for the last 10 years, the minimum price for beer was only $1.25.

As well as just gawking at the graphics the trailer has plenty of new info and focuses on the giant open world environment and how you can interact with other people. It's possible then that this could be a feature-length look at the gameplay and world of Red Dead Redemption 2, as opposed to some sort of sizzle reel. You can start fights or squash them, save people or let them perish.

As usual with Rockstar games, player choice will play a massive part in determining the outcome of your story, which is set to take place in 1899. But watch out, because the animals are just as temperamental as people can be.

Baby, pregnant mother killed as Israel strikes Gaza
In response, a tank targeted a Hamas position, since Israel holds the organization responsible for all violence coming from Gaza. In a written statement, the Ezzeddin Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas, claimed responsibility for the attacks.

The video also notes the importance of Morgan's bond with his horse.

The video provides a nice, general overview of Red Dead Redemption 2, giving us a peek at fighting, shooting, camp/gang management, character interaction, and, of course, plenty of gorgeous, varied vistas.

Xiaomi Mi A2 launched in India for Rs 16,999
It also has a 3D face scanning face ID feature (with infrared emitters, similar to the iPhone X) and VOOC fast charge support. The Xiaomi Mi A2 is certainly an interesting smartphone from a company that prides itself with a lower field failure rate.

Rockstar Games will show off new Red Dead Redemption 2 gameplay footage tomorrow, Thursday, August 9 at 11AM EST.