Longest Total Lunar Eclipse of the century on July 27, 28

Longest Total Lunar Eclipse of the century on July 27, 28

A majority of Earth is in for an astronomical treat on Friday: the longest total lunar eclipse, also known as a blood moon, in a century.

In the Philippines, the lunar eclipse will occur on early Saturday dawn, starting at about 1:14 a.m. and will last for about 103 minutes, Raymundo said.

With the support of Vodafone Malta, the astronomers plan to transmit a YouTube live feed of the eclipse through the telescope, to make this celestial wonder accessible to all local, as well as foreign, news outlets and enable them to cover the event accordingly.

The eclipse is predicted to last a record-breaking 1 hour 43 minutes.

Where to Watch The Century's Longest Lunar Eclipse
As it rose, during this total eclipse , Earth's natural satellite turned a striking shade of red or ruddy brown. Viewers received an extra treat, with Mars competing for attention, sparkling brightly.

"The total lunar eclipse will be fully visible in Thiruvananthapuram".

The Earth is in the middle and blocks out most of the sunlight, but a little light will reach the Moon from around the edges of the Earth. Due to these factors, the Moon will remain shielded from the Sun for a longer duration than usual, and reflect red light off its surface, giving rise to the "blood moon".

Even more compelling, we know that simple lifeforms were already plentiful on Earth 3.5-3.8 billion years ago. Before you get all excited about watching the blood moon, read these interesting science facts about lunar eclipse 2018.

It is possible that meteorites containing simple organisms such as cyanobacteria could have been projected from the surface of the Earth and land on the Moon. This is the reason why lunar eclipses appear red.

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The first event to create a habitable environment on the Moon could be four billion years ago when a proto-Earth collided with some other body and ended up forming the Earth and the Moon. The eclipse will take place at 3:30 p.m. GMT and last until 5:13 p.m. GMT, with peak eclipse occurring around 4:21 p.m. GMT, or 11:21 a.m. EST, that is, midday for most of North and South America.

The name of this eclipse is the Micro Blood Moon Eclipse as on the day of the eclipse, the moon will be at its furthest from the Earth making it appear smaller to the eye.

A blood moon lunar eclipse is set to provide a night-time spectacle over the skies of Sheffield this weekend.

That means anyone who is on the side of the earth that is experiencing nighttime will be able to see the lunar eclipse whereas a solar eclipse can only be seen by the people, who are where the moon's shadow falls. The eclipse will also be visible in the region covering Australia, Asia, Russia - except the northern part, Africa, Europe, east of South America and Antarctica.

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The total eclipse typically brings a brick-brown, copper brown or reddish glow to the Moon.