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700+ Migrant Families Still Separated as Reunification Deadline Passes

700+ Migrant Families Still Separated as Reunification Deadline Passes

Almost 2,600 children ages 5 years and older were separated at the U.S. -Mexico border.

Among those who remain apart from their children is Lourdes de Leon of Guatemala.

On July 23, a government representative reported that 1,012 parents had been reunited with their children out of approximately 1,637 who were deemed eligible. This means that many migrants have very little understanding of the status of their asylum cases, the whereabouts of their children or their legal options. Within days, Judge Dana M. Sabraw of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of California, a Republican appointee, ordered the government to return children to their parents and imposed deadlines.

In addition, courts have often demonstrated little sympathy for the fact that detention and deportation can make a parent's efforts to reunite with their children extremely hard. "The overall first guiding principle is the safety of these children".

Children described horrid conditions in a voluminous report filed this month over whether the Trump administration is meeting its obligations under a long-standing settlement governing how young immigrants should be treated in custody. "It would be hard to expect that number of agencies to seamlessly coordinate a family reunification effort".

But the ACLU, immigration advocates and attorneys have challenged the government's determination of which of the 2,500-plus separated children in the lawsuit are eligible for reunification. This is a number that worries immigration attorneys and advocates because these adults may have already been deported.

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But the pace has been slow; children and parents are being housed in different parts of the country, while many adults have been deported. Stage three, said the judge, would be to set up a protocol ensuring that "this never happens again".

Administration lawyers told a federal court more than 450 parents had gone, with the government unable to say if they had been deported. Others also said the forms were hard to understand due to a language barrier or misinformation from immigration officials.

Sabraw faulted the government's lack of a plan to reunify families when the detainment program began as a key reason for the delay in family reunifications.

But 711 children remain in government shelters because their parents have criminal records, their cases remain under review or the parents are no longer in the United States, officials said.

'We need to keep pushing the government, ' she said. Nor did he immediately rule on the American Civil Liberties Union's motion to ban the Trump administration from immediately deporting reunified families. "So, it's fallen on non-governmental organizations to get them from literally PIDC to the bus station, get them a fresh pair of clothes, food, some rest", said Olivares.

Another 217 parents were already released into the US, according to the court document, and the government is now reviewing cases for 463 parents that it believes are no longer in the USA and were most likely deported.

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Among this group are also 40 children with no discernable parental information, name or location attached.

Sabraw addressed the government's uncertainty. ACLU wants additional information on this age group as well.

To be super clear: just over half of separated kids have been reunited by the deadline to reunite them all.

The government was expected to provide the judge with an updated count by the end of Thursday. Parents are typically equipped with ankle-monitoring bracelets and given court dates before an immigration judge.

Previously, the administration flunked Sabraw's order to reunify all the kids under age 5 with their parents.

The government, however, has argued for a shorter waiting period, saying the proposed extension of time by the ACLU would strap the already limited bed space at the country's detention centers and cost taxpayers an estimated $319 per day for each detained family member.

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The U.S. Department of Homeland Security did not immediately respond to a request for comment. At least 35 other parents have been released from immigration custody into the USA and still have not been located.