‘Fortnite’ season 5 trailer brings golf carts and temporal rifts

‘Fortnite’ season 5 trailer brings golf carts and temporal rifts

Plus, why wouldn't you want to check out the new desert biome and collect that lighting bolt on your way to the new race track?! .

Now that Season 5 is underway, the Battle Star for the Week 1 challenges has been discovered with the hint coming via the loading screen that is unlocked following the completion of the necessary challenges.

Here's what the area looks like when you get there.

Fortnite Season 5 will be available to play today on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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Like other challenges that task you with tracking down certain items, the Lightning Bolts can be found in various parts of the island. Complete any four of these tasks to unlock the weekly featured Battle Pass reward.

A brand new vehicle has been added: the All Terrain Kart or ATK.

Season 5 of Fortnite: Battle Royale is officially underway, which means players now have a new set of challenges to complete and Battle Pass rewards to unlock.

Those objects aren't the only things getting teleported - players can also take advantage of rifts and get zapped into the air to get a better look at the surrounding area and maybe get a drop on an enemy.

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You can, as ever, check out the full patch notes on the Epic Games blog while you wait for the game to come back online. It'll drift, granting you a speed boost, and players can use the roof as a bounce pad. You have to figure out where the map is pointing to in order to find the treasure and complete this challenge.

All-terrian golf carts, portals to spirit players around the map and a whole host of new features launched Thursday as the fifth season of Fortnite went live. Heavy shotguns have been given a 10 pellet magazine, instead of 5, and the ability to double pump has been reduced with the introduction of a shot delay. You can read about all of these and more over on Epic's site.

This one's nothing major, but you will now be able to earn XP 'for reviving teammates in 50v50 and Teams of 20 LTMs up to three times per match (30XP, 10XP, 10XP)'.

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