Scientists warn the rate of melting of glaciers rapidly increased

Scientists warn the rate of melting of glaciers rapidly increased

Up to now, scientists have struggled in determining whether Antarctica has accumulated more mass through snowfall than it loses in meltwater run-off and ice flows into the ocean.

Low-lying cities face the threat of flooding when extreme weather coincides with high tides.

Almost all of the mass shed over the last quarter century has come from West Antarctica, the study found.

"The rate of melting of the Antarctic sheets of ice has accelerated threefold in the last five years", - stated in the message.

Andrew Shepherd of University of Leeds, England said that Antarctica alone can contribute half a foot of water to the sea level rise by the end of this century. -German GRACE satellites. Future data from spacecraft such as ICESat-2, GRACE-FO and NISAR should provide an even more detailed picture of global ice loss and sea level rise.

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The researchers note that if in the next decade is not taken, the melted ice can add more than 25 cm to the overall increase in sea level in the world by 2070. Melting of grounded ice above sea level contributes to sea level rise. Of the three, the East Antarctic Ice Sheet is the largest potential contributor to sea level rise.

According to the recent study, Antartica ice is melting much faster than the expectation of scientists as it has tripled in a decade (since 2007).

The growth is largely attributable to just two huge glaciers - Pine Island and Thwaites. Before 2012, ice loss held steady at 76 billion tonnes (approximately 83.78 billion US tons) per year, for 0.2 millimeters (approximately 0.008 inches) of sea level rise.

If no one does anything to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions and the planet continues to warm then a scenario would come when a quarter of the volume of the sea ice would probably disappear by 2070, fishes and penguins will die and the USA could see $1 trillion in damage. "If more warm ocean waters reach Antarctica, this will further accelerate sea level rise".

The findings should dispel any lingering doubts that the continent's ice mass is shrinking, the authors said. Meanwhile, the Financial Times finds its own angle to the story: "The natural gas industry grew previous year at the fastest rate since the immediate aftermath of the financial crisis, led by a surge in Chinese demand, which also helped to propel growth in energy consumption globally, according to energy major BP..."

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In time, this flexing weakens the cracks and fractures already existing in Antarctica's ice shelves, causing them to break up and splinter, calving off in detached pieces.

"The next piece of the puzzle is to understand the processes driving this change", Durham University's Pippa Whitehouse said.

"We're watching these reports closely", said Michiel van den Broeke, professor of Polar Meteorology at Utrecht University in the Netherlands, saying they were the guide for defending the Dutch coast.

If the right decisions are not made to preserve Antarctica in the next ten years, the consequences will be felt around the world. As the continent rose, the ice sheet began to self-stabilize. Technology can also be redesigned to rejuvenate the environment.B ut the most important step which can be taken regarding pollution is that the policymakers make it a priority to keep an environment check and find better policies which could help us to live in a stable environment.

"Considering sea level rise, for example, the future rise could be a little smaller or a little larger, or a lot larger - there is a "long tail" on the "bad" side".

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