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Sen: Following election-day rebuke from Trump, Sanford falls in GOP primary

Sen: Following election-day rebuke from Trump, Sanford falls in GOP primary

A solidly conservative Republican who regularly won elections in the state and usually votes with Trump, his main heresy was in faulting the president for coarsening the national discourse with his bombastic and insulting rhetoric.

With 65 percent reporting, first-term state Rep. Katie Arrington is on the verge of unseating a S.C. political fixture for the past 25 years.

The results come after Arrington repeatedly attacked Sanford for opposing Trump.

'She is tough on crime and will continue our fight to lower taxes. "Congrats to Katie Arrington!" the president wrote.

The president himself weighed in by stoking memories of the affair, tweeting that Sanford was "better off in Argentina".

When Sanford was governor of SC it was revealed he was having an extra marital affair when he claimed he was hiking the Appalachian Trail but was actually in Argentina with his lover, María Belén Chapur. Meanwhile, Trump - who was captured on a 2005 tape bragging about groping women - has also been accused of sexually inappropriate advances by women, all of which he has denied. He divorced his first wife, Ivanka Trump, and married his mistress Marla Maples.

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Trump's mostly winning touch in Republican primaries has not translated to general elections.

Voters will notice a change to South Carolina's iconic "I Voted" stickers when they leave the polls on Tuesday. In a February 2017 Politico piece, he said Trump has "fanned the flames of intolerance". "If you criticize the president, you will face the wrath of the Trump voter", said Republican strategist John Feehery, a former congressional aide.

The outcome is a cautionary tale for Republicans in Congress who try to work with Trump while also maintaining their independence.

Democrats need to pick up 23 seats in the House and two seats in the Senate in the November 6 elections to regain control of those chambers, allowing them to block Trump's agenda and possibly launch investigations or even impeachment of the president. So much for the big Blue Wave, it may be a big Red Wave.

During her victory speech, Arrington thanked Sanford for his years of service as a congressman and two-term governor.

With 98% of the vote counted, USA media called the race for state representative Katie Arrington, who led Sanford by 50.5% to 46.5%. Now that he's lost, his words also serve as a call for his fellow anti-Trump GOPers to keep fighting the good fight.

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"I wasn't particularly impressed", Sanford told The Washington Post at the time.

Trump ally Rep. Chris Collins of NY offered advice to fellow GOP lawmakers: Say something nice before you bring Trump any complaints.

In an interview with Politico previous year, Sanford said Trump had "fanned the flames of intolerance" and called him unprepared for the presidency.

Primary voters tend to be the red-meat party loyalists, the kind of voter that put Trump into office. "We need to let him finish what he's trying to do".

Arrington spent her campaign calling Sanford a "Never Trumper".

Elisabeth Boyle, a Greenville native and McMaster supporter, said she had backed McMaster's 2010 bid and felt he needed more time to accomplish the things he wanted to do for SC.

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Both Trump's tweet and one of Arrington's ads referred to Sanford's 2009 affair where he flew to Argentina to see his lover while his staff unknowingly told reporters he was hiking on the Appalachian trial.