Kyrie on reuniting with LeBron: "We'll see what management decides"

Kyrie on reuniting with LeBron:

Let me put it this way: Irving's max extension would be $102 million over five years. Trading two seasons of Hayward for one campaign with James is a worthwhile proposition. Injuries have always been a big concern for Irving, as he only played in 11 games in college at Duke and has never played a full 82 game season in his National Basketball Association career.

"The focus is exclusively on winning a championship next year", Irving said.

"I think it's only natural to think about [if Irving was still here]. I'm doing my best to kind of deflect all that and focus on what's in front of us".

Irving was searching for a home and it seemed like he found it in Boston.

In the meantime, he's wondering what the Celtics will look like when Hayward joins Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown and the gang. Al Horford may be at the end of his prime, but he's still a two-way star capable of locking down some of the best players in the league. The thought process is that James would prefer not to play with Kevin Durant or former teammate Kyrie Irving as joining either team would require them to be traded.

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"It's encouraging", said Irving of the Boston experience.

"If you're faced with losing him for nothing, they should take Gordon Hayward".

As for his own future in Boston?

Throughout the regular season, much was made about where James will go next due to a player option in his contract and speculation has only increased following the Warriors' sweep of the Cavaliers in the NBA Finals last week.

Burning question: How good is this Celtics team when healthy? For the Celtics, that will be a hefty part of their sales pitch, and it's part of the reason recent rumors about the New York Knicks ring so hollow. The Celtics are a different story.

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"We're all competitors", he said. "That's something a lot of us are excited to see from G". From there, the Celtics will hope what they can offer squares with what Irving wants.

"Well, I mean, I know that question is going to come up a lot over the next year, just based upon where my deal is".

Does he have that in Boston?

Irving said that's a discussion to be had after the upcoming season. The bad takeaway is he isn't talking about an extended future with the Celtics. Watching the Celtics clank three after three, it was hard not to envision what might happen with a superstar who could create his own shot in the lineup.

When Kyrie Irving talks, people tend to listen. Really integrating myself with our team again and really focus on winning a championship. That's the only thing I'm really anxious about. "I'm pretty sure management and I will have a talk, but that talk won't happen now".

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