INFINITE With Surprise Trailer at E3 — Microsoft Reveals HALO

INFINITE With Surprise Trailer at E3 — Microsoft Reveals HALO

While their conference may not do enough to sway their biggest dissenters, E3 2018 proved that, given time, Microsoft is a company that adapts and thrives from player feedback, harkening back to Sony's E3 2016 with a deluge of new games and trailers. Microsoft already supports in-home game streaming from Xbox One consoles to Windows 10 PCs. Microsoft's new studio, based in California, is called The Initiative. In addition to the new Surface Hub 2 that will start shipping next year, Brad Sams also said in a video today that he expects the rumored "Andromeda" folding mobile device to be released this year.

Playground Games. Microsoft has acquired United Kingdom -based Playground Games, a development partner since 2010 that has helped grow the "Forza" franchise to new heights.

Xbox were also diligent in bigging up their many services and new ideas, including a promising look ahead to what's to come on Game Pass.

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Visitors will be able to play portions of upcoming games and test new hardware. "The same team that delivered unprecedented performance with Xbox One X is deep into architecting the next Xbox consoles, where we will once again deliver on our commitment to set the benchmark for console gaming", Spencer said on stage.

We wanted Microsoft to deliver at E3 2018 and, well, they certainly delivered.

Microsoft kept the gaming announcements coming at its Xbox E3 press conference where it announced a series of studio acquisitions meant to bolster the original gaming content emerging from the console maker. In fact, we can't actually verify that Rare is working on this game, but we'd be shocked if that wasn't the case.

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The Xbox event was packed with cinematic snippets or play of 52 games.

EA CEO Andrew Wilson revealed at its EA Play press event on Saturday that his company will offer a way to stream its games library to smartphones, low-hardware laptops and other devices in the future.

The future is looking bright for Microsoft.

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It's been a long time since we've received a proper new Battletoads game. The real "wow" factor, and proof that Microsoft is serious about tackling its software drought, was the announcement of five new developers becoming first party studios, developing exclusively for Microsoft from here on out.