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Woman drove with 2 children in pet kennels, arrested

Woman drove with 2 children in pet kennels, arrested

A Tennessee woman is now behind bars after video shows two young children traveling in pet kennels inside her vehicle.

A 62-year-old grandmother, Leimome Cheeks, was arrested for transporting her grandchildren in dog kennels in the back of her vehicle.

The video was taken on Elvis Presley Boulevard near Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee.

Cheeks said she checked on the children periodically and later put them in the back seat as she drove from the Whitehaven neighbourhood to the Memphis suburb of Collierville, and to the downtown area, the affidavit said.

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A video showing one of the children climbing out of the kennel was passed onto police by a horrified neighbour.

Neighbors of Leimome Cheeks expressed shock, saying she was a 'very nice woman'. She's such a nice lady, " neighbor Skylark Blake said.

There weren't air conditioning vents in the back of the vehicle, and the children told police they were hot, the affidavit said.

They children also complained hat they were hot and cramped in the kennel, according to WREG.

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She is charged with child endangerment that carries a maximum sentence of 12 years in prison if convicted. "For them to be in the hot vehicle like that in cages is sad".

The video was filmed by a concerned citizen who was passing by.

"Despicable", Sonrisa Schweddy wrote on Memphis Police Department's Facebook announcement of Cheek's arrest.

"I mean it could be an honest mistake. If she did that, then that's out of character for her", Eugene Richmond said. She is scheduled to appear Monday in court. Cheeks was arrested on Saturday and posted bond on Sunday, WREG reported.

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