Baltimore Ravens Head Coach Addresses National Anthem Policy

Baltimore Ravens Head Coach Addresses National Anthem Policy

Speaking casually from the seats at practice, Kerr told reporters that be feels the National Basketball Association better understands why players have knelt during the "Star-Spangled Banner" better than the NFL.

With so much pushback on the table, some say this is just the beginning of what will be a long public relations dilemma for the NFL.

Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr has never shied away from sharing his opinion on the intersection of sports, politics, and society, and on Thursday he offered a scathing rebuke of the NFL for their new national anthem policy.

The NFL announced on Wednesday that players would be required to stand during the national anthem or remain in their team's locker room until the anthem is completed.

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"Here's the message they're trying to signal: There are owners and there are players", she said. "Personnel who choose not to stand for the Anthem may stay in the locker room until after the Anthem has been performed", Goodell said in a statement.

An online petition is calling for several of the NFL's top corporate sponsors to cut ties with the league after it banned players this week from kneeling in protest during the national anthem.

"But our president chose to make it about that and the National Football League followed suit, pandered to their fan base, created hysteria".

The NFL would levy fines against teams if players take the field and do not stand for the anthem, with teams deciding what punishment, if any, to pass along to kneeling players, he said. Also, how the fans will react, how the media will react.

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"Well, I think that's good", Trump said.

"I brought it out. But I think the guys that want to help the community and help police brutality, they'll still find a way to continue to do that without having such a controversial way to do it".

Polls have shown that most Americans are opposed to firing players for refusing to stand during the national anthem. "It's about peacefully protesting. I'm not just going to sweep it under the rug because I love them", Davis said. "And it's just really, really upsetting that the leader of our country is calling for these players to be 'fired'".

An anonymous source within the NFL tells Bleacher Report, "Our league is f--g terrified of Trump".

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If the NFL's goal with its new anthem policy was to put the issue behind them, it looks like the new rule has actually had the opposite effect, which could make for a very interesting situation when Week 1 rolls around in September.