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Guatemala opens Israeli embassy in Jerusalem after U.S. move

Guatemala opens Israeli embassy in Jerusalem after U.S. move

The violence happened on the same day that the United States opened its Israel embassy in Jerusalem. For decades, the United States prided itself on mediating between Israel and the Palestinians. "We remember our friends and Guatemala is our friend, then and now".

On Wednesday, Erdogan also said the Gaza bloodshed showed "the United Nations has collapsed".

On Monday, Vietnam dismissed claims that it participated in a gala hosted by Israel to celebrate the opening of a new USA embassy in Jerusalem. Paraguay said it also will move its embassy to Jerusalem.

"You were always among the first", he said at the ceremony.

"Hamas is the one that sends us Facebook and text messages telling us to go and in the mosques, they call and send flyers to tell to go to the fence", the unidentified Hamas member said.

Leading the charge was Turkey, which on Tuesday expelled Israel's ambassador and consul.

Tencent Says Subsidy War with Alibaba Set to Continue After Beating Profits
That's partly thanks to a one-time gain of nearly 7.6 billion yuan from its investments in arenas like video and news. PC-based games, meanwhile, took in sales of 14.1 billion RMB ($2.2 billion) to remain flat over the past 12 months.

Indeed, there was something surreal about scenes of the celebration of the USA embassy's move from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, headed by first son-in-law Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump, simultaneously with the Gaza carnage - where tens of thousands of Palestinians marched on the fence separating them from Israel and 60 were shot dead.

Israel has faced global criticism over its use of live fire.

Israel rejects those calls, saying its actions are necessary to stop mass infiltrations from the blockaded Palestinian enclave controlled by Islamist movement Hamas.

Israeli forces killed 60 Palestinians on Monday when tens of thousands of Palestinians had gathered near the border, while smaller numbers approached the fence and sought to break through.

Meanwhile, had reported that the government of Iran said on Tuesday, May 15, that Israeli operatives should be tried as war criminals over the "brutal massacre" of Gazan protesters on Monday, May 14.

He supports an independent worldwide investigation of events at the Gaza border yesterday.

Tusk: the EU Trump got rid of all illusions
Meanwhile, the European Union is also trying to be exempted from the aluminium and steel trade tariffs imposed by the US. He also suggested the European Union owes Trump a debt of gratitude for helping Europe to drop " all illusions ".

Political scientist Yasin Atlioglu pointed out that when Israel launched a missile attack on Syria earlier this month, "the Islamic world did not react to this in any way", something that he said boosted Tel Aviv's drive and led to the current situation on the Israeli-Palestinian border.

Evangelicals want to see Jews rebuild their temple in Jerusalem, which according to their beliefs would facilitate the second coming of Jesus.

The South African Jewish Board of Deputies and South African Zionist Federation hit out at the decision to withdraw the ambassador to Israel. A Hamas official admitted Wednesday that 50 of the 62 casualties were members of the terrorist organization.

"It was a turning point because the global community responded with shock and condemnation and the tide turned", she said.

President of Guatemala Jimmy Morales (L) and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (R) give a joint press conference after signing bilateral agreements at the Prime Minister's Office in Jerusalem on November 29, 2016. Israelis and Palestinians have envisioned a capital in Jerusalem, and for generations the Americans, the honest brokers in seeking peace, withheld recognition of either side's claims, pending a treaty that through hard compromise would resolve all competing demands.

US Officer Shoots Student Who Opens Fire at School
A police officer shot and wounded an armed former student in an exchange of gunfire outside Dixon High School on Wednesday. Authorities haven't provided the gunman's name. "His courageous actions saved a lot of lives", Langloss said.