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Margaret River Massacre: Father Of Dead Children Speaks, Says 'Kids Died Peacefully'

Margaret River Massacre: Father Of Dead Children Speaks, Says 'Kids Died Peacefully'

On the road to the property where seven people from the same family were killed Friday in Australia's worst mass shooting in decades, a small makeshift sign says, "Church open for prayer". Completely gone. I don't feel angry.

Facebook posts by Katrina and Cynda Miles, quoted by local media, referred to the children as all being autistic and homeschooled.

Investigators have not revealed the motive behind the shootings, with Mr Cockman only saying he previously enjoyed a close relationship with Ms Miles' parents. "I feel tremendous sadness for my kids", he said.

"I still love who Peter was".

"At 5.15am yesterday morning, police received a triple 0 emergency call from a male person", Commissioner Dawson said.

Peter Miles, 61, his 58-year-old wife Cynda, daughter Katrina, 35, and Mr Cockman's four children - daughter Taye, 13, and sons Rylan, 12, Arye, 10, and Kadyn Cockman, eight - were found dead at the Miles' Osmington property, northeast of Margaret River, on Friday.

Mass shootings are not common in Australia, which has strict gun laws.

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Police said the call which alerted them to the tragedy came from the Osmington property.

Crime-scene and homicide detectives were called to investigate.

Speaking to reporters outside Margaret River police station in Australia, Mr Cockman said his children looked "peaceful in their beds".

Four children and three adults have been found dead at a home in rural Western Australia.

Mr Cockman said he still loved Miles for "who Peter was".

A temporary support centre has been set up in Margaret River after the tragedy.

Mr Dawson refused to disclose any additional particulars in regards to the man who tipped police off.

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Officers have no concerns about wider public safety, he said, and police are trying to contact the victims' relatives.

"It's a fabulous part of the state that most of us know reasonably well".

In Port Arthur, 35 people were shot dead by a lone gunman, Martin Bryant, who remains in prison.The shootings led to a comprehensive overhaul of Australia's gun laws, which drastically cut gun-related crime.

Police confirmed three guns located at the scene were registered to Peter, and that he was a suspect in the murder of his wife, his daughter and his four grandchildren.

"They were a very socially aware family, doing their best to create a safe community, and that is why it is so shocking to think that could be destroyed so quickly", she told broadcaster ABC.

"A female adult was found deceased inside the main house and a female adult and four children were found deceased in what I would describe as a converted shed structure".

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