Peter Watts: Different perspectives on Mother's Day

Peter Watts: Different perspectives on Mother's Day

Tinoco says they've been swamped all week, making this one of their most successful Mother's Days. I'm glad that I live only 10 minutes from my mother's house and have given her a daughter-in-law and grandson that she can be proud of, but I think the original plan was for me to move next door, work from home and reproduce by splitting in half. Then, her protests escalated to arrests for public disturbances. "Behold your son", he said.

During the month of May, all thoughts focus on mothers. I will think of the parents of the Humboldt Broncos hockey players and the others who died in that awful crash and I will pray for them all.

Our mothers, like our fathers, are to be honored. But Mothers forgive them because that is the way God made Mothers - their love is unconditional. Pray that God will guide them, protect them, prosper them, and make them useful citizens of God's kingdom.

Take her out for dancing and am sure she will feel special and young again. Some spend quality time with mother, give gifts, picnics, and give greeting card to greet their mother. Enjoy it! Do it up right!

Syrian air defences confront Israeli rockets - state media
Asked if Israel retaliated for the salvo, he said: "We have retaliated but I have no further details about this". Israel had been on high alert already after the country claimed to detect unusual "Iranian activity" in Syria.

No one can be as selfless as you; as sacrificing as you and as understanding as you.

It's not everyday that we get to treat our mothers like Queens! as everyone of us are busy in our school, college, office or marriage life. If you are someone who hasn't got the time to rush to the store and buy a gift your mother, then read ahead. Many have been walked out on and are dealing with their own survival and their children's pain; others have ended up in painful situations dealt to them by life.

A peek behind the scenes at businesses that cater to those families shows the holiday can be even more hectic for them.

What if we held out hope for those who, like Scripture's Naomi, find themselves parenting someone outside the predictable patterns of mothering.

Rights group calls for judicial independence amid Sereno ouster
Six of Sereno's fellow justices testified against her in the hearings that started in September, exposing rifts in the high court. The Philippines has on paper an independent judiciary which is meant to be a check and balance on executive power.

Every person and children have their own style to make memorable this day. When we talk about the development of women, we often talk about jobs, positions, education and other issues. I don't want to look at it like I took anything away from you or rushed you into something you were not prepared for or even forced you to grow up because the truth is we grew up together. "We are delivering them this year, and customers are loving the little French baskets with our pimento cheese and chicken salad, a bottle of rosé and a baguette". Which means that life is impossible without caring mothers.

"We basically reach out to apartment complexes, the chamber of commerce and local businesses to be donation sites", Churney said. For when we adopt or give birth to our babies, we give birth to an entirely new being - a mother. Investing in families today helps create a better tomorrow.

Cookbook: Mostly all moms love to cook. Offer your presence as a prayer for their peace. How do we, followers of Jesus, walk beside the broken and hurting? There really is no sweeter word than the word mother, and speaking for mothers, there is no greater reward in their lives than their children. Describing it as the gift that keeps on giving, these women expressed gratitude simply because they are able to celebrate the day.

Here's wishing us all a day to celebrate motherhood and all its blessings, surrounded by people who know, beyond a doubt, that they're our absolute favorites. Motherhood is termed as the greatest gift of God to mankind and the creation will ever be indebted to its "mother".

Dashcam video shows Marion County deputy saving baby
The Marion County Sheriff's Office later reported that the baby is doing very well and will make a full recovery. I'm so thankful for all my law enforcement officers for all the hard work you do Day in and day out.