See Boston Dynamics' terrifying robot that could probably dominate the NFL

See Boston Dynamics' terrifying robot that could probably dominate the NFL

This was also the subject of the company's last two videos which saw the robot kicked around, as well as a display of an arm attachment.

In one 34-second clip posted to the company's YouTube page yesterday, Boston Dynamics unveiled new updates to their humanoid robot named Atlas. It runs through a grassy field and even senses when it is approaching an object. The four-legged robot SpotMini - can move freely in enclosed spaces without the assistance of an operator, this really was a great achievement in engineering Boston Dynamics.

Kenyan police ordered to investigate burst Patel dam
Vinod also revealed the farm is now partnering with the national and county government to supply relief to the victims. A spokesman for the Water Resources Management Authority said that those behind the dams didn't have a permit.

We've seen Boston Dynamics' humanoid Atlas robot going for a stroll, being pushed around, and even doing backflips.

SpotMini was trained for that excursion by being driven through the facilities before, but with that memory in its system, it could apparently make its own way-negotiating stairs along the way-without bumping into things.

Iran says Syria has every right to defend itself against Israel
No one expects Bahrain or even Germany or France to put boots on the ground to help Israel fend off the Iranian enemy. The United States has released statements backing Israel's retaliation against Iranian terrorist objectives in Syria.

Boston Dynamics poses the video's title as a question - "Getting some air, Atlas?" -as though Atlas had somehow unexpectedly taken himself outside for a run, on a whim. Total walk time for this route is just over 6 minutes.

Four children part of group found dead in Margaret River
At the moment the main version of incident is a mass murder-suicide, according to broadcaster ABC . It is mostly rural, consisting of vineyards and farmland properties.