Iranian lawmakers burn United States flag and chant 'death to America'

Iranian lawmakers burn United States flag and chant 'death to America'

But it's a mistake to apply rational analysis to Trump's action, because this was an emotional decision, not a rational one.

A YOUNG WOMAN in Teheran responding to the United States withdrawal from the pact.

Already threatened in 2009 when millions of Iranians took to the streets to protest against alleged election fraud, Iran's rulers came under mounting Western pressure in 2013 over the country's nuclear programme and concerns Israel might attack. The truthful question they were presenting was: Should we pull out of a flawed deal without going through all the downstream consequences, and without a complete understanding with allies as to next steps? "German companies doing business in Iran should wind down operations immediately", he wrote.

Last year, French oil company Total signed a 20-year deal with the National Iranian Oil Co to exploit its South Pars oilfield.

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said Wednesday that the USA military has at the ready constantly updated plans to use force to stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons and the means to do so if diplomacy fails.

By exiting the Iranian nuclear deal, President Donald Trump made it harder to persuade North Korea to give up its nuclear weapons program - while giving Iran reason to contemplate restarting a program it had moth-balled.

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The US President's decision to abandon the agreement has shocked the world, with America's closest allies such as France, Germany and the United Kingdom expressing concern over it while Iran's foes Israel and Saudi Arabia welcoming the move.

Khamenei took to Twitter to bash the president and proclaimed that Iran has persisted for years, long after other US presidents have left office or died. The JCPOA is in America's interest - it has significantly rolled back Iran's nuclear program. Drafted in response to Iran's attempts to produce a nuclear warhead, the deal restricted Iran's nuclear proliferation abilities in exchange for the removal of worldwide trade sanctions.

But top US officials were already working to stymie efforts by European powers to go ahead with business deals they undertook when sanctions on Iran were lifted in 2016.

Funding in the current defense budget is sufficient to back up the contingency plans for Iran and he does not anticipate asking Congress for supplemental funding, Mattis said.

Russian Federation and the European powers also vowed to stick with the deal, with leading USA allies in Europe calling on Washington not to do anything to undermine their commitment to keeping the deal in place.

"I consider that it is not acceptable", Le Maire said.

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A Middle East without a "Death to America" government in Tehran - or a Hezbollah in Lebanon - has been a key USA interest since Ronald Reagan's time. "Contacts with American authorities are ongoing". Tearing up the Iran deal was Mr Trump's call, but it would not have happened without Mr Netanyahu's stubborn willingness to stand up to the world - and especially Israel's own generally hawkish security experts.

Other signatories to the deal, as well as the United Nations and the European Union had warned Washington against any bid to sabotage it.

Meanwhile, the newly appointed USA ambassador to Germany, Richard Grenell, advised German companies doing business with Iran to "wind down operations immediately" in a post on Twitter. "But for Canada's goal, we make our decision around foreign policy here in Ottawa, not in Washington, not elsewhere".

"We all played our part in helping the Trump administration maximize the pressure on North Korea, a strategy that now appears to be bearing fruit", Johnson wrote in a New York Times op-ed Sunday.

They were talking about it, other countries were talking about it.

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