Google: Duplex phone calling AI will identify itself

Google: Duplex phone calling AI will identify itself

"We are designing this feature with disclosure built-in, and we'll make sure the system is appropriately identified", said a Google spokesperson in an emailed statement to various publications.

Perhaps the most talked-about announcement from Google is a new artificial intelligence voice technology called "Duplex" that works with Google's virtual Assistant.

Though we had nothing to worry about since the feature isn't being released soon, it's good to see that Google is paying attention.

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The new Google digital assistant converses so naturally it may seem like a real person. A second call was also made that went a little off the rails, with Duplex keeping its cool and continuing to carry on the conversation in a way that made sense.

With one jam-packed week for both Microsoft's Build and Google's I/O developer conferences, there's plenty of news to talk about, and not just about AI. Google just announced their latest update to the digital assistant and it sounds exactly like a human being.

"We recognize the importance of the discussion about Google Duplex - and, as stated at the outset, we have to consider full transparency of the technology".

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"However, In the second Pichai demoed Duplex Tuesday in the Google I/O annual developers conference, individuals expressed concern about the way in which the voice technologies could mislead people". They can use their LG TV to enjoy the same voice command functionality that is available on Google's smart speaker.

In an article published by UNSW today, the university's AI expert and SEIT professor Hussein Abbass said Google's AI demonstration, although amusing, raised an important question: do you have the right to know you are talking to a machine? The use of speech disfluencies, like the "ums" and "hmms" in the call, and the small delays in conversation accurately mimics human speech. Google says it's going to start testing it within Google Assistant this summer for things like snagging restaurant reservations and hair salon appointments, and determining stores' holiday hours.

One area where Google has been able to already make significant progress with AI is in health care, Pichai said. It used Google DeepMind's new WaveNet audio-generation technique and other advances in Natural Language Processing (NLP) to replicate human speech patterns. The Wear OS also features an on-board smarter Assistant, which is able to turn on your lights, speak responses and provide smart follow-ups. If a business uses an online booking service, the Assistant will book through that. For example, say "Hey Google, read me my messages" and you can get a summary of unread texts with the option to respond by voice.

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