Dead Men's Phones Tell No Tales This Time

Dead Men's Phones Tell No Tales This Time

The attempt was unsuccessful.

Largo Police said that Mr Phillip had used his auto as a deadly weapon - by dragging a police officer who had tried to get into the vehicle - as he tried to escape.

Linus Phillip was killed by police in Largo, Florida, in March after he attempted to drive away from officers who wanted to search his auto at a gas station because they said they smelled marijuana.

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The funeral home where the body was built in Clearwater, came law enforcement officers worked in a completely different city. On March 26, two police officers arrived at the funeral home with Phillip's mobile phone requesting to access the body so they could unlock the phone. While the funeral home search was allowed under Florida law, Phillip's fiancé Victoria Armstrong, 28, said the incident had left her feeling "disrespected and violated".

Charles Rose, a professor at Stetson University College of Law, tells the Tampa Bay Times that dead people can't assert their Fourth Amendment protections because you can't own property when you're dead. "There's a ghoulish component to it that's troubling to most people". The officer then fell out of the front of the vehicle and onto the pavement, and was almost run over by the auto, with the driver's door brushing him as it went over him, Chaney said.

Meanwhile, it was revealed that the detectives who visited Phillip's corpse did not have a warrant. Chaney said he didn't think the department would need a warrant because there's no expectation of privacy after death.

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While such practices may at first seem to raise privacy issues, legal experts say that United States law dictates that the dead have no such rights.

The model and brand of Phillip's phone was not disclosed.

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