Lyrid meteor shower to peak over the weekend

Lyrid meteor shower to peak over the weekend

Stargazers would not require a telescope or any other instrument to watch the meteor shower.

That's just one of the reasons a local astronomer says you should care about light pollution. The annual Lyrid meteor shower usually occurs between April 16 and 25 each year, when our Earth passes through the tail of a comet. The site adds that the shower will be visible coming from all areas of the sky, which will make it easier for viewers to watch the Lyrid Meteor shower. As per the reports, the first Lyrid meteor shower was first recorded in China in 687 BC.NASA informed that the Lyrid meteors are very fast and also look very bright.

While meteor showers are hard to accurately predict, you'll probably get your best glimpse of it in the early morning hours of April 22 (if you're in the northern hemisphere), when the waxing moon is least likely to interfere.

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Lyrid is known to produce 10-20 meteors per hour on a moonless night; this years waxing moon will set before the peak viewing hours offering the potential for some breathtaking views.

The spectacular Lyrid meteor showers are coming to Earth's sky this weekend to blow your mind away.

You don't need to know where the Lyra constellation is to enjoy the meteor shower. This weekend's Lyrid Meteor shower has a radiant point east-northeast close to the Lyra constellation, which inspired astronomers to name the shower the Lyrids.

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"The shower will be best viewed after midnight when the radiant is highest in the sky".

There are 10 meteor displays during the year that are generally considered reliable and worth looking for, and the most recent of these, the Quadrantid meteors, peaked in early January. National Weather Service has forecasted clear skies for almost the western half of the U.S and the immediate Eastern Seaboard.

Even the Earth spans Comet Thatcher's route annually about April, causing a "shower" of meteors to collapse from the heavens since it collides "having a trail of comet crumbs", the space website explains. However, during the second half of the night, people will be able to see Mars and Saturn if they look towards the southeastern sky.

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