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John Boehner Joins Marijuana Firm: 'My Thinking on Cannabis Has Evolved'

John Boehner Joins Marijuana Firm: 'My Thinking on Cannabis Has Evolved'

After people realized Wednesday that this is not fake news, they passed the Doritos.

Former House Speaker John Boehner announced Wednesday that he is joining the advisory board of one of the nation's largest cannabis dispensers to help shift federal policy concerning medical marijuana.

The move from Boehner is a significant shift for the Ohio Republican, who just nine years ago said he was "unalterably opposed" to the legalization of marijuana, according to Bloomberg.

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Why, oh why, Twitter moaned, couldn't he have waited until 4/20 - the stoner holiday - to make this announcement? "We have literally filled up our jails with people who are nonviolent and frankly do not belong there". Boehner added that by descheduling cannabis, tension between federal policy and states that have legalized the drug will be reduced, thus allowing "research and testing from federally funded institutions" to be done.

"We both believe the time has come for serious consideration of a shift in federal marijuana policy", Boehner, 68, and Weld, 72, said in a joint statement, citing the millions of veterans who "reportedly use cannabis to self-treat PTSD, chronic pain and other ailments". In the 2016 election, Weld ran as the Libertarian vice presidential candidate alongside Gary Johnson, a longtime cannabis advocate.

Boehner will join former MA governor Bill Weld on the board of Acreage Holdings, a New York-based cannabis company that owns licences to manufacture or sell marijuana in 11 states.

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Murphy, Acreage's founder and CEO, first invested in a ME medical marijuana dispensary in 2012, according to his company's website. But he has directed the state Department of Health to conduct a study on the health, economic and criminal justice impacts legalized marijuana could have across NY, especially now that neighbouring Vermont and MA have legalized it. "But that shouldn't be dictated by the nanny state in Washington". Sessions' harsh words for marijuana, and his decision to roll back Obama-era protections, didn't deter Boehner or Weld's decisions to get involved with the industry, they said. Lawmakers supporting legalization say the potential tax revenue stream is considerable since it's estimated that New Yorkers spend $3 billion a year on marijuana.

He has been appointed to the board of advisers of Acreage Holdings, which operates in 11 states, Boehner said in a statement. "You can look at the trend of millennial opinion and you can see the future".

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