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Initiative effort launches to legalize cannabis businesses in Marina

Initiative effort launches to legalize cannabis businesses in Marina

Boehner has always been close to tobacco lobbyists and the cigarette companies seem likely to take over the legal weed market in time.

Mr. Boehner's appointment to Acreage's advisory board a major event that may help "legitimize" the sector and generate more and continuing investor interest. There are numerous other patient groups in America whose quality of life has been dramatically improved by the state-sanctioned use of medical cannabis. Boehner said that his perspective on the drug changed after a friend used medical marijuana to successfully treat his chronic pain.

Redskins 2018 preseason schedule announced
Need I say more? The Redskins will make their FedExField debut a week later in a nationally televised tilt against the Jets. Also, the Falcons and Bucs are familiar preseason opponents for Jacksonville, and were both on the schedule last season.

The other study examined Medicaid data and found similar results, suggesting that loosening marijuana laws may lower the use of prescription opioids among this primarily low-income population.

They say that there are negative consequences to federal policy which designates marijuana as a Class 1 drug - meaning it lacks accepted medical use and has a high potential to be abused. Yet the VA does not allow its doctors to recommend its usage. Further research into the matter led the former Speaker to conclude that "descheduling the drug is needed so that we can do research and allow VA [the Department of Veterans Affairs] to offer it as a treatment option in the fight against the opioid epidemic that is ravaging our communities", according to the Washington Post.

Facebook is $24 billion richer after Mark Zuckerberg's testimony to Congress
Zuckerberg repeatedly said he was open to regulations but that it would have to be the "right" regulations with the right details. In other words, Zuckerberg has taken some blame, but he doesn't want his company to be sued for its actions (or inaction).

The Marijuana Policy Project told NPR that Boehner's decision reflects a change in public opinion on marijuana among adults.

The candidate and former "Sex and the City" star was first reported stating her support for legalizing the drug at a private fundraiser last week and released a video Wednesday reiterating her stance. Cannabis lab struggles to find home in Bay Area Known as an avid cigarette smoker, the Ohio Republican has joined the advisory board of Acreage Holdings, a multistate cannabis company.

Accused serial killer in Canada charged with seventh murder
But in the time since releasing his photo, police revealed, they've received hundreds of tips about just who he might have been. Top row, from left to right, Skandaraj Navaratnam, 40, Andrew Kinsman, 49, Selim Esen, 44, and Abdulbasir Faizi, 44.

After being opposed to the legalization of marijuana for years, Boehner has made a big 180-degree shift - saying "my thinking on cannabis has evolved".