We must make the gender pay gap a thing of the past

We must make the gender pay gap a thing of the past

The 28.8% gap, the difference between the median average salaries of male and female staff, compares to 27.5% in Kent and 27% in Durham and Dorset.

Figures from the Government Equalities Office showed only seven out of 44 forces had a gap in single figures.

Female employees at the Blackstone Group's United Kingdom offices earn an average of 30 percent less than male staff, the private equity firm reported Tuesday.

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"In many schools such activities are contracted out to external service providers and were that to be the case at RHS the mean pay gap would be 13% and the median pay gap would be 27%", the school's director of finance and operations Anthony McNiff said.

This means the Irish carrier pays women 71.8 per cent less than men on average - when comparing median hourly rates, for every £1 men earn, women earn just 28p.

It is not the same as equal pay, where firms are required to pay people doing the same job the same salary regardless of gender.

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The #PayMeToo campaign aims to support women in lobbying their bosses to end gender pay discrepancies in their companies. While there are more women than men in the top quartile, this represents 19% of all female staff. Men make up 29% of the total workforce, but represent 46% of the top quartile.

Lorna Jack, chief executive of the Law Society of Scotland, said: "We are committed to championing gender equality". We need to act if we are to close the gap for good within a generation.

Derbyshire Police said it believed its result was heavily skewed, as it employed so many police staff directly rather than through external agencies, which are not included in the new figures.

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Both Debenhams and Argos have reported a smaller median gender pay gap for their business on the whole, however, of 0.3 per cent and 4.2 per cent respectively.