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Pine Island fire crews respond to house fire Monday morning

Pine Island fire crews respond to house fire Monday morning

Gatineau police say a fire that displaced two people Friday night was likely a criminal act.

Around 3 p.m. firefighters were dispatched to the location on Northumberland Heights Road in the hamlet of Baltimore, just northeast of Cobourg.

East Liverpool Fire Chief William Jones said one of his firefighters was hurt while trying to rescue someone in the home.

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Brad Meints owns the house, but does not live in it, and says it was sound of the fire that caught his attention.

A firefighter responds to a blaze Sunday afternoon at a home in the 14800 block of Dobson Avenue in Dolton.

A woman and a toddler have been taken to the Kingaroy hospital.

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Firefighters ask families to check the placement of smoke detectors and make sure they are on all floors of a home, near stairwells, in basements and the garage.

No cause has been determined, several agencies are assisting in the investigation.

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