Interior Dept. spent $139K on secretary's office doors

Interior Dept. spent $139K on secretary's office doors

Ryan Zinke, the secretary of the Department of the Interior.

Remember that "big handsome door" that Donald Trump promised for his border wall?

Another pricey remodeling decision bid for attention in the Trump administration after the Interior Department chose to replace three sets of doors at its historic headquarters for almost $139,000. The work also includes new locks to improve security.

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"Between regulations that require historic preservation and outdated government procurement rules, the costs for everything from pencils to printing to doors is astronomical", Swift said in a statement to the Associated Press. So you know. There's that. A third opens to a hallway that features painted portraits of previous Interior secretaries.

Zinke is being investigated by the U.S. Office of Special Counsel on whether be violated the Hatch Act, which bars executive branch employees from engaging in political activity, when he gave a speech to a professional hockey team owned by a political donor past year.

A number of Trump Cabinet officials have been criticized for their spending habits.

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The new doors will be made of fiberglass.

The Interior Department spent about $139,000 for construction on an office door.

In October, Zinke was accused of abusing taxpayer money to visit a lavish GOP fundraiser in Alaska located at a steakhouse. Zinke spent $53,000 on three helicopter rides past year, including one that cost $6,250 to go horseback riding with Vice President Mike Pence. Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price was forced to resign in September following reports he spent at least $400,000 in taxpayer funds on private jets for himself and his staff, AP said. The order was later cancelled, according to Politico.

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The door project is not the first time work on the Interior secretary's office has come under scrutiny.