BlackBerry sues Facebook for patent infringement

BlackBerry sues Facebook for patent infringement

BlackBerry - yep, them - has filed a lawsuit against Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram, claiming that the companies infringed on patents relating to BlackBerry Messenger. Yahoo sued Facebook for patent infringement in 2012, for example, while Nokia sued Apple for patent infringement in 2016. BlackBerry also said a statement advising it had been trying over the course of several years to resolve the issue out of court, but made a decision to pursue the claim at the interest of its shareholders.

Blackberry claims that they have invested "substantial sums" in research and development and also filing various patents when it comes to communication technologies, only for Facebook to infringe on their Intellectual Property.

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Citing online court records, Reuters initially reported on the patent infringement suit brought by BlackBerry, while CNET collected additional information on the lawsuit, including statements from the Canadian firm and from Facebook. It seems, the litigation over patent infringement is basically a part of BlackBerry Chief Executive John Chen's strategy for making money for the company which lost a lot of its market share.

In fact, the company says that some of its innovations resulted in "the rise of the smartphone as a necessary everyday accessory for businesspersons and ordinary consumers alike". BlackBerry argues that Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram have copied technology and features from the age old BlackBerry Messenger.

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Some of those interface elements are as broad as notification design, the displaying of message timestamps, and the ability to tag friends and family in photos. TCL owns the rights to sell BlackBerry-branded devices. It's abandoned its efforts to innovate, so it's looking to tax the innovation of others. According to CNBC, the company also describes Facebook and its messaging subsidiaries as "relative latecomers to the mobile messaging world". BBM was a much loved instant messaging service among BlackBerry users, it enabled them to send and receive messages without using standard messaging rates. "We intend to fight", Grewal said.

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