The Nintendo Switch shouldn't wipe playtime data after a year, Nintendo investigating

The Nintendo Switch shouldn't wipe playtime data after a year, Nintendo investigating

According to the Wall Street Journal reports that instead of revamping the Switch's hardware the company will instead work on upgrading the hybrid console's online features and adding more peripherals in order to increase sales numbers specifically, peripherals that will use the console's USB-C port. It began with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and soon spread to other games on the console. These links leave Siliconera. The Switch takes 10 days to process playtime when a game is first booted, and with that users are noticing the stats are taking the day and month into account, not the year. The amount of time played would display as "0 days ago", leading some fans to believe that the Nintendo Switch only recorded game time for a year.

Even though the Switch is a console that can be played on on the go or at home on a television there was never any specification on how Nintendo would go about bringing in hardware updates.

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Nintendo Switch owners were shocked to find over the weekend that their playtime data of launch games has been erased.

An entire year's worth of Zelda playtime data, gone. This includes games from publishers like EA, Capcom, Psyonix, Take-Two Interactive, Ubisoft and Bethesda, to popular "Nindies" content, indie games on Nintendo Switch made by independent publishers, including Stardew Valley from Chucklefish LTD, Overcooked: Special Edition from Team 17 and Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove from Yacht Club Games.

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"Some Nintendo Switch owners' play activity information is displaying incorrectly", the tweet reads.

The Nintendo Switch celebrated its first birthday over the weekend and with it came a unusual glitch that early adopters first noticed.

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This only appears to affect the play times listed in your user profile; save data for the titles in question remains unchanged, but you can no longer accurately see how many hours you've sunk into any games you first started playing on launch day.