British homes suffer water supply issues after snowstorm

British homes suffer water supply issues after snowstorm

At a supermarket in Balham, south London, Thames Water employees distributed crates of bottled water to a waiting queue of people, while in Hampstead to the north of the capital, they ferried crates to residential streets in their own cars.

Londoners affected were understandably annoyed by the situation, taking to social media to express their concerns and annoyance, with many tweeting directly to water suppliers.

The company said it was dealing with burst water pipes across the South East, with the highest concentration in the Sittingbourne area.

In the meantime the water suppliers are prioritising supplies for vulnerable customers and providing bottled water where necessary.

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South East Water said some areas of Kent, Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire were without water or had low water pressure.

Thames Water advised its 15 million customers to only use water where essential.

"Where possible, take short showers rather than baths, do not leave taps running unnecessarily and only run washing machines and dish washers when you have a full load", the company stated on its website.

"If possible, avoid using appliances at the peak times of 7:00 to 9:00 and 16:00 to 19:00". This will make a real difference.

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Supply problems started on Saturday as snow and ice began to melt, affecting the frozen pipes.

Homes had been left without water since 1pm yesterday and a water collection point was set up by South East Water.

"At this stage we are not able to say when supplies will be back to normal as we are trying to locate what we believe to be a very large number of very small bursts right across our network".

The statement said: "We are putting as much extra water as we can into our local networks and fixing leaks and bursts as quickly as possible".

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