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Trump Jr: Ethical issues

Trump Jr: Ethical issues

Daniel S Markey, who helped coordinate the US State Department's South Asia policy during the George W Bush administration, said: "The idea that the president's son would be going and shilling the president's brand at the same time Donald Trump is president and is managing strategic and foreign relations with India - that is just freakish".

The projects that Trump promoting in India were inked before his father was elected. The organization has five projects in India, making it the brand's largest market outside the United States.

After Delhi, Trump Jr will visit Kolkata where the New York-based company has partnership with Indian realtors for developing a Rs 600-crore project.

Trump Ranks as Worst in Expert Presidential Greatness Survey
Just over 57 per cent of those polled identified as Democrats while 13 per cent were Republican and 27 per cent were Independents. Former President Barack Obama moved up in the rankings to the 8th best president, an increase of 10 spots since 2014.

Newspaper ads tout a visit by Donald Trump promote a new development near New Delhi.

While the company is not seeking new business opportunities during the duration of Donald Trump's presidency to avoid conflict of interest, his son said the focus would remain on building only luxury and high-end apartments. British writer and historian Patrick French called it an "abominable invitation to dinner with Trump Jr".

A business summit is also due during the son's visit later this week in New Delhi, and the government may invest it with higher status, with officials attending it. Trump Jr's easy access to key people in governments raises moral issues - in a situation where a top businessman has become US President and whose family members are used as interlocutors in diplomatic matters.

BJP gets party's new headquarters in Delhi
The stage is all set for Prime Minister Narendra Modi to launch his election campaign ahead of the general elections in the state. He also emphasised that existence of several political parties in the nation adds to the beauty of democracy.

The Trump Organisation has licensing agreements with all its Indian business partners, who build the properties and acquire the Trump name in exchange for a fee.

The apartments are expensive - though not outrageously so in the overheated real estate world of India's wealthy elite.

On Friday, Trump scheduled to make a speech about Indo-Pacific relations at a New Delhi business summit.

Deadly Attack at Church in Russian Region of Dagestan
Tass quoted Kizlyar's mayor, Alexander Shuvalov, on the number of people killed and injured in the attack. The head of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Kirill, said he was "stunned" by the violence.

The Times of India reported a year ago.