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Trump Endorses Romney for Senate

Trump Endorses Romney for Senate

"It's not going to become this cage-match that a lot of people are hoping it will be", he said. "Washington sends immigrants a message of exclusion". As a candidate using the petition route, he'll have to-Romney needs 28,000 signatures to guarantee himself a place on the June primary ballot.

If Romney wins the Senate race, it could set him up for a direct collision with Trump, with whom he has publicly sparred. Mr Romney was very critical of Mr Trump during his 2016 presidential run, saying then that Mr Trump was not qualified to be president.

"I'm with the president's domestic policy agenda of low taxes, low regulation, smaller government, pushing back against the bureaucrats", Romney said. "I'm talking about content, tone, civility, problem solving - the things that can make our party more effective". In an interview with the Salt Lake Tribune Anderson stated, "I think he's keeping out candidates that I think would be a better fit for Utah because, let's face it, Mitt Romney doesn't live here, his kids weren't born here, he doesn't shop here". I call them like I see them. "Let's find a way to have these people be able to stay in our country". Orrin Hatch's (R-Utah) enhanced background bill, which he said he's been briefed on and would "probably support".

The former MA governor announced February 16 that he would run for the Senate seat now occupied by GOP Sen.

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In his announcement, Romney made a veiled critique of the President's tone on immigration.

Romney said predictions that Republicans would lose the 2018 mid-term elections were wrong because of growing paychecks.

"The odds are that we will lose seats in the House and the Senate", McConnell told the Times.

Trump also reportedly tried to convince Sen. Romney is well-known in Utah for having managed the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. He served as governor of MA from 2003 to 2007. His 2012 presidential bid was lost to incumbent Barack Obama. Orrin Hatch in November's election.

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It did not take long for Senate candidate Romney to start his attacks on the President. In 1994, he failed to oust Democratic Senator Ted Kennedy from his seat in MA. Orrin Hatch's almost 40 years of experience, connections, seniority and influence in Washington, D.C. Hatch's retirement creates a new opportunity for Utah voters, and aspiring politicians, to demonstrate just exactly what message they will send to the federal government about the successful, conservative ways Utah, in contrast, gets business done.

"I'm not always with the president on what he might say or do", Romney said.

It's nearly as if he has experience in operating amongst the cogs of a higher-level campaign, as his early morning announcement at 6:30 a.m. Friday was followed by TV spots, a visit to a farm in Weber, a visit at Utah Valley University, and then a detailed speech at the Utah County Republican Party's annual Lincoln Day Dinner fundraiser to immediately meet and make supporters.

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